Book Feature: Live in the Moment: Prophetic Affirmations by Barbara Lyons Slade

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Live in the Moment: Prophetic Affirmations is a Christian book by author Barbara Lyons Slade.

For the faithful, no matter the religion or denomination, it is always important to seek the voice of God. We must understand what that voice wants us to do or achieve in this lifetime. Some refer to their respective sacred texts, others implore the wisdom of their holy teachers, and some meditate. Barbara Lyons Slade believes that it is important to also learn to say what God wants us to say. Her book Live in the Moment: Prophetic Affirmations is an inspirational guidebook that seeks to help us find the courage and wisdom to listen to what God wants us to say. By saying the will of God, we empower ourselves and others.  

“As you interact with this book, you will learn how to say what God says. And when you say what God says you will be speaking prophetically over your life. When you say what God says you will be able to LIVE IN THE MOMENT, fully present in the goodness of God and empowered by the words you speak.

 Say what God says and silence every voice that does not conform to the will of God. Speak greatness into your destiny, success over every endeavor, strength over your weaknesses, victory over temptations, and prosperity and well-being over every kind of lack or deficiency.

 Whatever God says, you can say. Whatever He speaks into your life, you can repeat. In Christ, you have the authority and the creative power to declare words that will transform your thoughts for good and prepare you for your intended purpose. Say what God says and you will always be speaking absolute truth.

 Every word of God proves true

 Proverbs 30:5 NLT” (book description)

Live in the Moment: Prophetic Affirmations is remarkable Christian guidebook filled with valuable lessons we can apply in our daily lives and our relationship with others. It is profound yet concise and easy to digest. 

Other Works

Bread from Heaven

Aside from Live in the Moment, Barbara also wrote another under the Prophetic Affirmations series. Published in October 2019, Bread from Heaven: Prophetic Affirmation tackles the issue of self-indulgence and food addiction. In this book, Barbara Lyons Slade guides her readers in managing their thoughts, reshaping their beliefs, improve self-esteem, and hopefully, change the way they consume food. Through inspirational readings, the scriptures, testimonies, and prayers, one can achieve a whole new perspective on eating and life in general.

Possess the Purpose

Possess the Purpose is another remarkable guide book from Barbara Lyons Slade. Published in 2013, it is one of her early works. In this book, Barbara talks about our purpose in life and how we can attain that purpose by forging a strong relationship with Christ. By doing so, we also fulfil our purpose in relation to other people. Filled with wisdom and fresh ideas, Possess the Purpose is a liberating experience especially for those who seek God’s purpose in their own existence.

To know more about Barbara Lyons Slade and her works, you can grab copies of her books, or visit her website today.

About the Author

Barbara Slade holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Studies from King’s College & Seminary in Van Nuys, California. Apart from writing, Barbara has many other talents and uses them to help others mature in their spiritual journey and fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives.


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