Book Feature: Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad

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ReadersMagnet features Keith N. Corman’s book about children’s tour on Railroads.

Children’s adventure books usually focus on magic and fairytales. But children adventure books can also mean learning new things and visiting places of interest. Keith Niles Corman has done a wonderful job by writing a book about one of America’s most important transport system- the railroad. In his first book, Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad, a book about children’s tour on railroads, Corman takes readers, both young and old, to an educational trip. In this book, we learn a couple of things about trains, railroads, and the importance of safety precautions. Let us take a closer look at Keith Niles Corman’s Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad.

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad: An Educational Adventure

Published in January 2016, Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is a children’s illustrated book by Keith Niles Corman. It tells a short tale of two siblings from Catville named Katie and Kenny. One day, their father decides to take then on a tour to visit a local railroad yard. Their father is a railroad engineer who works in the railroad yard. During their tour, Katie and Kenny learn many things about trains, railroads, and about railroad safety. They also learn to appreciate the work that their father is doing in the yard. Because of the tour, the two siblings learn the importance of the rail transport industry in their daily lives. In this book, Keith Niles Corman also highlights the importance of safety around railroads and handling equipment to avoid any untoward incident.

Both Scourged Souls and Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad both feature trains and railroads. Keith Niles Corman’s fascination and love of trains are very evident in his works. This is proof that both his books are very personal and holds a very special place in his heart.

Promotion of Railroad Safety Education through Kid’s Stories

Keith Nile Corman’s children’s illustrated book Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad contribute to the promotion of railroad safety. Through this simple narrative, everyone is reminded about how important it is to always think of safety not only in railroads but also in other public places where there are activities and people. Children ages 4-8 can already absorb lessons and Corman’s book is actually a great material for educating children on trains, railroads, and its safety lessons. The train industry is still one of the most important public transport systems in the United States and there is a great need to educate everyone on the importance of safety in public transport. Imagine if kids read and learn about railroad safety early on, we would be seeing more responsible commuters and citizens. Aside from railroad safety, Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad is also a remarkable way to show appreciation to the rail transport system. Trains are vital to the country’s daily existence, economy, and culture. Keith Niles Corman’s work is a simple reminder of the great contribution of trains and railways to American society.

About Keith Niles Corman

Keith Niles Corman grew up in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and lived there until 1975. Keith Niles Corman lives with wife Martha Gail Muncy. They have a daughter, Amanda K. Corman. Keith Corman’s interests include trains, railroads, history, philosophy, politics, as well as faith. Keith worked for many years as a public servant. After three decades, Corman retired and started a consulting company focusing on economic development and intermodal logistics. 

Keith Niles Corman is an advocate for public education in America’s transportation industry, especially trains as he is a huge fan of trains and railroads. Keith focuses on job appreciation and safety awareness. His hobbies include photography, modeling railroads, historical research, and writing. 

Keith Niles Corman is also the author of the children’s illustrated book entitled Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad.


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