Book Feature: Jaime’s Inspirations: Poems from the Heart and Mind by Jaime Fidler

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Jaime’s Inspirations: Poems from the Heart and Mind is a collection of short poems by Jaime Fidler.

Great poetry is all about great emotions, and great emotions come from stories of love, loss, life, death, faith, and pain. For hundreds of years, poetry has been the soul of civilizations, the heart of literature, and humanity’s tool for expression. Of course, over the years, poetry has evolved into different forms and themes. However, one thing remains constant. Poetry imitates life. Although modern poetry mostly centers on daily encounters, there are zero in on emotions and personal journeys. These poets offer to tell shared narratives we cannot fully express. They are able to convey our deepest feelings and, in a way, provide us comfort, shelter, and inspiration. Today, we will get to know more about Jaime Fidler and her collection of poetry, Jaime’s Inspirations.

Jaime’s Inspirations: Poems from the Heart and Mind

Jaime’s Inspirations: Poems from the Heart and Mind is a 2019 poetry book by young poet Jaime Fidler. Jaime’s book on the collection of poems that comes from the heart is her first major work. The book consists of 24 pages filled with intense emotions covering themes from love, relationship, loss, bitterness, and trauma from the past. The poems are based on her personal experiences, yet they are written so that almost anyone can totally relate to the emotion that Fidler conveys in each of her works. There are times that personal poetry does not consider the form and only focuses on the poet’s expression. Fidler’s poetry is different, for they are not elitist or exclusivist.

On the contrary, they represent the readers and articulate their feelings through Jaime’s narratives. They articulate whatever things that we have no words or lines for. And there lies the power in Jaime Fidler’s masterpiece.

“At different moments in our lives, we all experience feelings of intense emotions. We all find our own ways of handling good times and bad, and the consequences they bring. But we can understand and relate to these feelings together, especially through the medium of poetry. Jaime’s Inspirations is a collection of poems that come from the heart.”

Another good thing about Jaime’s Inspirations: Poems from the Heart and Mind is that it is a light read (again, with only 24 pages), yet it covers many narratives. It is so rare to find a poetry chapbook that is portable, easy to digest, and yet truthful in its form and content. Sure there are many young poets out there creating passionate poetry. But sometimes, either they are too physically too heavy or mentally demanding that its defeats the purpose of sharing to other people the soul of one’s poetry. Jaime Fidler has achieved many things in this book, using short yet concise and sincere narratives. Jaime’s Inspirations truly deserve our time and appreciation.

About the Author

Jaime Fidler is a poet and a mother. She lives on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, in the small community of Aldergrove, together with her two children and two little furry animals. Jaime’s children encourage her to write her first book. Her book Jaime’s Inspiration, released in 2019, made her a published poet. Fidler has two published poems in the National Book of Poetry, inspiring her to pursue a career in poetry writing. Jaime hopes that her poetry will bring inspiration and hope to readers.

To know more about Jaime Fidler and her poetry, you can purchase a copy of the book or visit her website today.


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