Book Feature: Fundamental Keyboarding Skills by Denise Rolanda Chambers

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Fundamental Keyboarding Skills by Chambers teaches readers the basics of typing right.

Almost everywhere we go basic computer skills come in handy. Whether it’s business, work, school, or even simple transactions, we use computers. One of the basic computer skills is typing, and typing right will get you a long way. Despite typing being a basic requirement, many people ignore fundamental keyboarding skills. In fact, many choose to ignore basic typing lessons in lieu of what they commonly observed and is being practiced by many. Teacher and author Denise Roland Chambers believes that this shouldn’t be the case. Everyone should be taught fundamental keyboarding skills and that includes typing right.

Fundamental Keyboarding Skills by Denise Chambers

Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer is the complete title of the book by Denise Chambers. Published in 2008, the book aims to teach everyone the fundamentals of using the computer keyboard. Covering various computer typing lessons and exercises designed to equip readers with the needed knowledge on typing right as well as the use of Microsoft Word keys. That said, Fundamental Keyboarding Skills will teach students proper key and finger placement and typing accuracy. 

Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer covers lessons on the correct use of margins, spaces, and other formatting fundamentals. This is very useful for those who work with documents, particularly text and word files. Creating business letters, tabulations, and other documents are basic requirements in most of today’s field of work and offices. In her book, Denise Chambers encourages everyone to learn these basic office skills.

“Typing and developing keyboarding skills have a common goal from the typewriter to the computer the paper is formatted on 8-1/2″ (across) by 11″ (down) paper called the portrait position. Page 3 reviews common basics in the measurement of how characters are perceived via the fonts on paper. Page 4 and page11 depicts the descriptive process of left and right margins from the typewriter to the computer. Centering text and top and bottom margins continue on pages 4, 5, and 6. Descriptive accounts of the most commonly used Microsoft word keys are illustrated and detailed on pages 7, 8, and 9.” 

Denise Chambers’ Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer is a pocket-size book with 24-pages. It covers a wide variety of topics and is a typing manual, a training module rolled into one. The book is a useful supplementary material for those who are already taking online typing tutorials and self-learning.

For those who want to learn more about Denise Chambers’ book, you can also choose to visit her website. There you can check out her pages and try Powertyping Online TutorialIt is a free online typing tutorial. The tutorial features typing lessons for QWERTY, simplified Dvorak, and Programmers Dvorak layouts. You can also learn and enjoy the following:

• Typing tests

• Typing practice

• Typing games

• To learn keyboard layout – use typing lessons page.

• To practice specific keys (alpha, digits, symbols) – use the Space cadet game and the Typing practice page.

Denise Rolanda Chambers

Denise Rolanda Chambers went to La Verne University in California where she received her B.S. in Psychology degree in 2004. She holds a Masters in Education from the University of Phoenix, in Arizona and currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She is also a former teacher. She taught in the mid-80s at Watterson College, a vocational school in Pasadena, California where she taught secretarial science courses and leadership development. Chambers also taught typing and keyboarding skills at Pasadena City College Community Skill Center. Denise Chambers runs her own business- the College Funding Scholarship Service. She also writes grant proposals for non-profit organizations and schools. 


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