Book Feature: Frustrations With Math by Jeremiah Ortner

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Frustrations With Math tutorial book by Jeremiah Ortner.

They say that Math is the universal language. Math is everywhere and governs almost all aspects of society and facets of human civilization. From logic to creativity, spatial thinking, problem-solving, critical thinking, and even mass communication, math is present. Every functioning individual uses math in his daily activity. Whether you are a farmer, engineer, doctor, scientist, artisan, musician, or a public administrator of a small town, without mathematics you cannot function effectively. We need math to measure distance, time, and even productivity. We need mathematical formulas to build roads, bridges, and buildings. Without math, cooking and other simple daily activities will be thrown into chaos. Some say math is the force that keeps us together in relatively safe and order. But despite all the mentioned essential functions of mathematics, why is it so hard to study and absorb math? Jeremiah Ortner, a math teacher decided to find a way to make it easier for students to understand and appreciate math. The book Frustrations With Math by Ortner is a workbook that aims to help students solve math problems. Let us take a closer look.

Frustrations With Math

So where does our frustration with math come from? If indeed it is the universal language, how come only a select few have a knack for mastering mathematics and its disciplines?

Like all other things, we are afraid of what we don’t fully understand. Just like complex scientific postulates or formula, our frustration with math simply comes from our lack of understanding, pure and simple.

For math teachers like Jeremiah Ortner, there is no greater goal than to see students absorb and appreciate the lessons that he presents to the class. But this is easier said than done. Many students in general do not fully understand or appreciate algebra. And this can be frustrating not only for students but also for mentors like Ortner. In 2020, Jeremiah Ortner published Frustrations With Math, a creative workbook that will help students gain more understanding about how to solve a variety of math problems. Story problems featured in the book are also designed to condition students that math is an essential element in our daily life. By understanding that concept, appreciation is also instilled in the minds of students. Frustrations With Math is among the several algebra and pre-algebra workbooks that Jeremia Ortner wrote and published over the course of 13 years. He first thought of publishing a math workbook many years ago and in 2007 finally released the first of many algebra tutorial books.

The frustrations book shows several ways to solve many math problems. These would include factoring binomials and polynomials, solving quadratic equations, work, and other story problems, such as distance rate and time plus trig relationships, and everyday math questions. You will enjoy the 45-day road trip analyzing many questions to be solved as you ride down and up the East Coast. (book description)

Other Works by Ortner

  • Aside from Frustrations With Math, Jeremiah Ortner also wrote and published several other books. Below are the workbooks he published in the past years.
  • Fundamentals of Math Book 1 Pre-algebra(2007)
  • Frustrations Teaching Math (2007)
  • Fundamentals of Math Book 2 Algebra (2008)
  • Fundamentals of Math Book 2 Part 2 Algebra (2008)
  • Basic Fundamentals of Math for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Using Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions & Percents (2011)

About Jeremiah Ortner

Jeremiah Ortner is a math and science teacher. He taught math and science at the middle, junior, and senior high school levels plus community college. Throughout his three decades of teaching math to students, Ortner has witness students’ frustrations with math lessons. Ortner himself sometimes hits a brick in the wall especially when students cannot absorb new lessons he was trying to introduce. Jerry then thought of writing pre-algebra and algebra workbooks. Jerry hopes that by providing students with these tutorials and exercises, students would have a better understanding of algebra and a better appreciation of mathematics.


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