Book Feature: A Special Time in Clear Creek by Attilio Guardo

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A Special Time in Clear Creek is a young adult novel by Attilio Guardo.

Attilio Guardo is the author of several books, most of them are children’s books. He also published a novel entitled The Other Side of Love. Aside from these works, Attilio Guardo also wrote several young adult novels including The Miracle of Wendy Whimple. Today, ReadersMagnet will feature one of Attilio Guardo’s young adult novels, A Special Time in Clear Creek.

A Special Time in Clear Creek

A Special Time in Clear Creek is the first of two novels by Attilio Guardo that follows the lives of teenagers living in Clear Creek, Georgia. A Special Time in Clear Creek was published in 2004 and it is followed by the sequel Halloween at Clear Creek.

The book follows the story of a fifteen-year-old-boy named Ollie Fensterwall. He lives in Clear Creek. One day, a new student arrives and Ollie instantly falls in love with her. The new student is Melanie Jacobson. Ollie often dreams of Melanie and thinks of her most of the time. However, Ollis is shy and has not reached out to Melanie. Ollie thinks that Melanie is too beautiful and he is not. Still, he continues to admire her from afar. Ollie eventually strikes a friendship with Melani after his pet lizard, Quido, caused a ruckus in the classroom which allowed him to interact with her crush. Ollie also finds out that there are also others who fancy Melanie. One of them is the handsome and athletic boy named Corky Stevens. It is clear that Corky is Ollie’s main rival for Melanie’s affection and his disruptive and competitive nature forces Ollie to man up and try to win over Melanie.

A Special Time in Clear Creek is a young love story that tackles many aspects of teenage romance and perhaps puppy love. Here we see, a generic narrative about boy meets girl and the competition that often takes place in school. What makes Attilio Guardo’s novel unique is the backdrop of Clear Creek which is the main part of Ollie and Melanie’s love story.

Halloween in Clear Creek

Halloween in Clear Creek is the sequel of A Special Time in Clear Creek. It was published a year after the first book. The story begins with Ollie Fensterwell planning to host a Halloween party in the hopes that it would convince Melanie Jacobson to visit Clear Creek. Melanie is Ollie’s dream girl and she left town unexpectedly. However, while planning for the party, Ollie realized that he must again deal with his old Corky Stevens. Corky is known for his disruptive nature. Corky and the new girl named Aggie Bard have their own plans for Ollie’s party. Determined to make the party a success and to have Melanie visit Clear Creek, Ollie enlists the help of his friends, including his German Sheperd named Patches. Eventually, Melanie arrives in town to attend the party. Melanie also wants to tell Ollie important news about her personal life.

A Special Time in Clear Creek and Halloween at Clear Creek portrays the realities of teenage love. Ollie and Melanie’s story is filled with anxiety, awkwardness, thrill, doubt, as well as hope and determination. Both novels are reflections of a certain phase in human existence and author Attilio Guardo was able to caption the emotions and other details in these two remarkably-written young adult novels. The books A Special Time in Clear Creek and Halloween at Clear Creek are light but delightful reads.

To know more about Attilio Guardo and his works, check out his books, or visit his website today.


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