Book Feature: A Major Hurdle by Patricia Sims

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A Major Hurdle is a romantic novel by Patricia Sims.

In recent years, we have seen a variety of narratives under the romantic genre. Many of these are romantic thrillers, romance mysteries, young adult romance stories, and erotica. Some of the recently published works that are gaining critical and commercial success include E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, and The Fault in Our Stars. Each one of these masterpieces offered a unique that endeared them to readers, especially fans of romance stories. A Major Hurdle by Patricia Sims is the latest addition to this year’s list of interesting romance stories. Let’s find out why.

A Major Hurdle by Patricia Sims

Published early this year, Patricia Sims’ A Major Hurdle is a modern romance novel that features elements of mystery crime, court drama, and spirituality. Although the main plot focused on Catherine Adam’s romantic life, readers are in for a genuinely interesting narrative arc. Adams combines a multitude of subplots that are interwoven into a single masterfully-written novel. Filled with fresh perspectives, a singularly remarkable character, unique pacing, and a feel-good storyline, A Major Hurdle by Patricia Sims is one of this year’s must-read romance novels.

Imagine, a second chance at love and happiness comes along when you least expect it, and it is nonetheless, very welcomed. But along with that love comes setbacks, disappointments, fears, and hopelessness which is also unexpected. All these things are minor compared to the last disaster that threatens to categorically destroy your entire world.

Catherine Adams finds in Dr. Philip Cagney, a college professor, a love that is unique, but she finds herself afraid, hesitant to take the next step–allowing the past to paint a foggy picture of the future. Thrust in the midst of a cautionary tale with her new love, she ignores all the warning signs until it is almost too late for a comeback. Only her faith in God gives her the strength to press on. How do you fight an unseen enemy? How can you claim victory when the person you are accused of murdering is hell-bent on framing you from beyond the grave and beyond?

Catherine Adams is fortunate to have a spiritual support system in place and her faith is tested and with the help of a higher power, she is able to endure, realizing that some battles can only be won on the spiritual level. The murder trial is an eye-opener for everyone involved within the college community as the events leading to the trial unfolds. The community is divided as to Catherine’s guilt or innocence, and many false theories had been suggested with none seemed to be close to the truth.

The information disclosed during the trial, though alarming in contents and sequence, proved to everyone in attendance what was really at stake. When it seems all is lost, a higher power intervenes, and the love and happiness Catherine dared to take hold of is available and all questions are finally answered. (Book Description)

About Patricia Sims

Patricia Sims is a retired educator, a singer, a songwriter, and author. Her retirement and her passion for writing allowed her to finally take some time and enter a world of fiction that she has envisioned since she was a child. Patricia Sims holds a degree in BS Business Education with further studies in computer applications. As a singer and a songwriter, she and her husband released In the Name, their first gospel CD. It was released in January 2019. Patricia’s husband is minister Johnny Sims, who is very supportive of all her endeavors.


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