Book Feature: A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing by Alana Konieczka

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A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing is the debut children’s book of author Alana Konieczka.

Adults make use of children’s books to build a strong emotional bond with their children. In addition to this, children’s books are used to help with a child’s cognitive development. Allowing children to read books early in their age, they will grow fond and love reading books. Reading books such as Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, and books by Dr. Seuss, was the foundation for author Alana Konieczka’s lifelong love for reading. Her children’s book, A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing, hopes to do the same for young children. A book meant to engage and spark the interest of kids to grow to love books. 

A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing

First published in June of 2019, A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing is the first children’s book written by Alana Konieczka. A kid’s book containing a collection of engaging and lesson-filled stories. Stories in the book are made short and brief to keep young readers engrossed and interested. This book comprises amazing illustrations that young kids would love. These graphics are illustrated by Konieczka’s own nephew, Mike Soucie. The illustrations in the book are encompassed to inspire children to express themselves through art. 

This is the perfect book for young readers who love book snuggle time at night. A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing is a kid’s book on bullying, sportsmanship, acceptance, shortcomings, and numerous relevant topics at the present time. On top of that, this book contains short stories that are meant to be amusing and stir up the imagination of young kids that they will surely embrace for life. 

Alana Konieczka made sure that the book tells stories that anyone, kid and adult, can relate to. Some stories in the book are based on her personal experience. One of which is a story of how her father, who is handicapped and wheelchair-bound. She shares how hard it was for her father and undoubtedly others, especially the young ones, who are in the same situation would feel the same. She recounts how people could not make eye contact with him the reason being that people did not know what to say. 

Tales and stories in the book include titles like Grandma’s Magic Pants and Me and My Dog that young kids would want to read again and again. These stories teach children lessons that they should learn early on in their lives. Lessons imparted are particularly on how bullying is not acceptable, the importance of going outside and to play, not judging a person by his or her appearance, difficulties in fitting in, and how everyone has problems and that it is okay. 

One short story in the book is Liz’s Troubles. A short tale of a family who are experiencing money problems due to one of the parents not working to help out. Another story is Me and My Dog. Konieczka is an animal lover and an advocate of animal rescue and adopt/don’t shop and that fact is what inspired the story. Stories in the book are made to have positive endings to suit kids better. 

About Alana Konieczka

Author Alana Konieczka is a voracious reader, animal lover and rescuer, and two-term President of The Friends of the Library. She enjoys doing work for their group to raise funds. She also enjoys assisting the staff of the library. Being a bookworm and having family and friends who work in the library, Konieczka believes that lending a hand to the place is an opportunity to give back to the library that brought joy to many people like her. She is currently living in the South Suburbs of Chicago. Her motto in life is “Faith, Family, Friends (two and four-legged), Freedom”. She loves the thought of how people make use of children’s books, like the one she published, as a tool to engage kids to read. 


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