A World Of Dark Revenge Featuring Blood Of Deception: Plot Arising

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Conceived out of an alliance with darkness, Dak’tari was a child the god raised in a fortress meant to be used for murder and death. Join Dak’tari in a dark revenge thriller story of conflict, triumph, and deception.

You might have heard of the saying, “two sides of the same coin.” It can mean many things; simply put, this idiom implies that items may appear different but are related in some way. These are the following examples: love and hate, aggressive behavior, and deep insecurity, plus great opportunity and significant risk.

Those mentioned appear to be in a black-and-white situation for some, but there’s a hidden grey area there. That is where their similarities lie, as life has a concept that everything comes with a price. It can even vary to some degree, depending on who wins.

It is strange if you think about it. Like in Blood Of Deception by Vincent G., no one would believe that opposites can sit at the same table. According to a prominent philosopher named Francis Bacon, with prosperity comes fear and disaster. He also thought that adversity still brings comfort and hope. 

The grey area in this story

Now the book may tease readers about how this story goes. After all, it’s about a girl plotting revenge while being used by dark instruments as a puppet to get back at the ones who caused pain to someone she cared about.

This is also where we catch a glimpse of how it will be. Typically, the good guys are depicted in a shiny, white light. In contrast, bad guys often get the shadier, dark aura of evil that looms over anything and emits a feeling of negativity.

Through this book, readers get to uncover that it is only partially the case. Not to cast any spoilers, but the book implores a question that will make readers ask themselves who the bad guys are. They will learn who to trust, who they cast suspicion on, and which character they find themselves relatable to or in the same position.

Such is the magic of deception. It defies logical reason and makes one doubt their ability to make decisions that align with personal core belief systems. Many voices are screaming head at every turn, and it leaves anyone in the utmost state of confusion. Everyone has their version of the truth in the book. And its challenge to the readers is to make up their minds on who they place their confidence in.

Hence, readers must remain vigilant at every turn as they uncover more mysteries in Bivona’s book. The story of Dak’tari and her thirst for revenge could be something more than what meets the eye. And it will test every mind on whether to believe or take sides.

A little insight about the author

Vincent G. Bivona, Jr. is the great mind behind the book “Blood of Deception: Plot Arising.” He was born in Houston, Texas, but was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Bivona joined the Marine Corps right after graduating high school in 1983.

Once he got discharged, he started working as a piping designer upon returning to Baton Rouge. Later, Vincent Bivona moved to Tehachapi, California, and is currently living there.

Diving into the darkness with Blood of Deception: Plot Arising

Born from a heritage rooted in evil and darkness, Dak’tari had an unusual upbringing. As she grew up, she began embracing her roots slowly, including a forgotten dark god who used her as an instrument of revenge against the gods of Tamora. They cast this god aside, causing him to harbor extreme resentment and bitterness.

A party of humans, elves, and dwarves embark on a journey to The Northern Waste as they find out what happened. According to some rumors, many creatures launched an attack against Tamora. That’s when Dak’tari enters the realm of the dead with only one thing in mind: to destroy everyone who betrayed her beloved and everything in her path.

In this book, readers can ponder who’s in the right all this time. They will eventually find out once they follow the story and witness everything unfold in due time. Blood of Deception: Plots Arising will make any reader feel torn between two sides who have their own stories to tell, plus they get to decide who they want to be victorious in the end, regardless of the outcome.

Get yourself a copy of the book Blood of Deception: Plot Arising, and allow yourself to get invested in Dak’tari’s quest to fulfill what the dark forgotten god asked of her against Tamora.


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