Author’s Lounge: My journey to writing began in 2010 one year after my oldest son passed away. I had dreams of him living in Heaven with my parents, so I kept a journal of those dreams and wrote Beyond Life from them.

I am now writing another novel dealing with Bullying. I won’t go into details since it’s not completed but it’s been a very long path of grief to write the novels, Everyone has their own grief path, their own way to carry on after a death but mine was seeing Charlie in my dreams living and being right besides me everyday.

Author’s Lounge is a great place to see the journeys of others. Author J. A. Diller writes with a purpose. She hopes to provide inspiration and a sense of hope through engaging works of fiction. The focus of her work is to deliver the message that with family, faith and courage, nothing is impossible.

While her work is considered fiction, it flows from personal experience. Judy lost her son Charlie at the age of 23. While a life event of this magnitude can and does wreck lives, Diller took another path. The event served as a catalyst that served to allow her to bring messages of hope to others in need. Never lose hope, we must carry on. I’ll write more later, see you in the Author’s Lounge.

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