Between Two Worlds – A Novel of Ancient Rome

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First, I want to thank ReadersMagnet for reaching out to me and giving me the chance to be featured in their Authors’ Lounge!

My name is Cheyenne van Langevelde, and I am thrilled to be able to share my upcoming debut, BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, with you all.

Between Two Worlds is the tale of Enid, a Celtic slave girl after she is captured and sold as a slave in the city of Rome. While there, she struggles to bury her past and survive in a world vastly different from her own. Until she meets Lucius, who is a Roman-Briton and therefore of illegitimate birth, likewise shunned from acceptance in the eyes of other Romans. Though they are meant to be enemies, Enid finally finds in Lucius someone who loves and accepts her for who she is. Yet Rome is hostile towards these outcasts of society, and Enid must learn to lose one identity in order to gain another, placing her faith and trust in the God of the Christiani if she and Lucius are to have any hope for a future together at all.

It’s rather hard to pinpoint the exact inspiration for this novel, other than a strange, passing dream I had once and told a friend about. (She clearly thought it would make a great story, and apparently, she was right!) Ancient Roman and Celtic culture has always fascinated me, and finding interesting books that combined the two has always been tricky. The novels of Rosemary Sutcliff, Caroline Dale Snedeker, Elizabeth George Speare, and Patricia St. John have certainly inspired me in many ways, as rereading works by them I found the original ideas that birthed my own story.

If the names of these authors don’t give a clue, this work is for readers of upper young adult, if not adult. Written in a more archaic style than most historical fiction published today, Between Two Worlds is for those who love the historical fiction genre, old-fashioned prose, enemies-to-lovers trope, ancient Roman and Celtic culture, and stories centered around the search for identity and acceptance.

I hope that anyone reading this would gain an understanding and appreciation of life during the first century A.D., if not for the story itself. But, I do hope that readers would enjoy reading about the struggles of the characters such as a Celtic slave seeking vengeance to an illegitimate half-breed longing for acceptance, and a woman who offers truth and hope—the source of which could be life-threatening to them all.

As a self-publishing debut author, I seek to find a home among readers who enjoy such niche work. Of course, winning an award or two would be a dream come true, but my truest wish would be that people will love this story as much as I have loved writing it.

Outside of the writing world, I am an avid reader, and enjoy reading a wide variety of genres. My greatest passion is actually composing music and I hope to study music composition in college next year. So far, I’ve only composed pieces for friends’ books and some of my own, but I enjoy it greatly. I also love candles, chocolate, and a good cup of tea.

I am currently running a preorder campaign for my novel, Between Two Worlds, where you can preorder a signed paperback and get your name in the acknowledgments and other swag which provides the funds needed to self-publish. If you are interested in supporting me and getting a copy of my novel, you can do so here:

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