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betsy fritcha cover photoBetsy is a wife, mother, grandmother, and a friend who lives to love all people with God’s Love.  She has been on a life-long journey of learning how to overcome the pain of rejection and abandonment as an infant. The God of Love came to her in an orphanage and put a song in her heart that has never left her.  She committed her life to this God of Love at age 10, and ever since has been on a pursuit to intimately know Him.  He taught her how to know His Voice above all other voices, enabling her to triumphantly overcome the many disturbing circumstances in her life.

He has now asked her to publicize His Voice to be heard above all the commotion of the world.


Preoccupation with earthly endeavors steals people’s focus, so that the Voice of Truth they truly need to hear is diminished, most of the time, to mere whispers.  Sadly, the voice people hear the most is their own voice, which has inhaled the voice of the cultural environment around them, leading them to perceive truth from these resounding voices which are vying for attention daily.  However, the biased truth people are absorbing on a regular basis is not the VOICE of The One Who is Truth.


In the midst of the commotion and vain repetition from clamoring voices, either from the uninformed, those of evil intent, or even from our own inner voice, all appealing to be heard, The VOICE of The Lord God Almighty of Heaven and earth interrupts the complacency we unwittingly fall into.  He purposely disturbs our composure so our peace seems to be gone.


At this time of events on the earth, most people are rejecting GOD’S gestures of Love.   Therefore, He steps in and upsets our comfort zone attempting to get our attention. GOD of LOVE and TRUTH truly desires to have personal interactive fellowship with human beings who are made in His Image and after His Likeness.


He grieves greatly for those rejecting His Perfect Love for them.  Therefore, through the upheaval of world events, GOD is shouting loudly trying to get people to seek Him for the help they need.


The VOICE of GOD speaks to all generations throughout the ages of the ages.  His VOICE is written in the scrolls of eternity.  His VOICE spoke to men of old who were known as prophets.  They were commissioned and mandated by GOD to record His VOICE for those who truly want to know Truth, so they can live in Peace and Joy amidst the turmoil that evil spews on GOD’S Creation.  GOD’S intent was first written in scroll form in the Torah and the Tanakh, that most know as The Holy Bible.  What was chronicled in Holy Scripture was what GOD spoke to His chosen servants, and mandated them to record so that future generations could know His VOICE.


Living GOD has a VOICE that is speaking loudly in these tumultuous days on earth.  Are you listening?  Do you truly want to hear what He is speaking?  Do you truly desire to know what LOVE and TRUTH is saying to you?


If so, may you truly hear what He is speaking to you through what He is saying in The Holy Bible and as well, in this book which He asked me to publish to make His VOICE heard in the midst of earth’s commotion. Read the book of Romans 10:14-20 and Romans 15:4 in The Holy Bible and learn why God of Truth had His Voice recorded for you and for all people who would ever live on earth.


I was struggling with putting yet another book in publication because there are so many books out there.  Why would I want to put another one out there?  As I was pondering not writing this book for publication, even though it was on my heart to do so, I heard the VOICE of TRUTH and LOVE that I know so well reverberate:


“Would you be willing to write this book for just “one”?   There is one I want to reach.”


How could I say no.  I replied, “There is always “one” among the many.  Yes, I will write this book.”  So, this book is just for you, the “one”.


May what is written in the pages of this book intrigue you and captivate your attention and draw you to the ONE VOICE of TRUTH that matters in choosing your eternal destiny.  Choices establish destiny both now and for eternity. 


True Peace and contentment can be achieved in the middle of chaos for those who choose Truth above lies. How will you choose?



Betsy has also written these books:  Shekinah Glory Reveals Wisdom, The Voice of The Lord Speaks and Israel’s Glory Unveiled that add even more understanding to what is written in this book, Apocalypse Here and Now!  Are You Ready? These books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and other venues.


Personally contact Betsy:  Betsy Fritcha<[email protected]>    


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