Betsy Fritcha on God’s Gestures of Love

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Apocalypse Here and Now is a book that talks about God’s gestures of love by Betsy Fritcha.

Since the time of Abraham, God has always shown his love for the people. This can be noted in the many covenants and promises that God fulfilled through various prophets and servants of the Lord. God always made sure his presence was felt despite the people displaying their doubts and fears to Him. Oftentimes, we don’t care to understand how deeply God cares for us. A book that talks about God’s gestures of love by Betsy Fritcha will help us understand God’s voice. The book Apocalypse Here and Now: Are You Hungry for God?  will guide us in finding answers to many questions, especially on how God shows his compassion and kindness to all those who believe in Him.

Voice of Truth: God’s Gestures of Love

God’s gestures of love and compassion can be found in His voice, the Voice of Truth. Since the time of Adam, God made His Voice clear. During Noah’s time, it was God’s voice who guided him in making the ark. When nations scattered, it was God who chose Abraham to lead them. It was also the same voice that protected Moses and the Israelites during their fight for freedom. God’s covenant with Moses gave us the Ten Commandments in the hopes that it would guide humanity in doing what is wrong and what is right. When the Israelites finally settled and built a kingdom, God would speak to these kings and gave them wisdom and fortitude in order to rule over His people to the path of righteousness and prosperity. But even after all these gifts, the people still chose to sin and abandon his ways. The Voice of Truth is where we will see God’s gestures of love. We only need to reflect and repent in order to clearly hear the answers to all of our life’s questions. According to Betsy Fritcha, author of the book Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Hungry for God? 

“Preoccupation with earthly endeavors steals people’s focus so that the Voice of Truth they truly need to hear is diminished, most of the time, to mere whispers. Sadly, the voice people hear the most is their own voice, which has inhaled the voice of the cultural environment around them, leading them to perceive truth from these resounding voices which are vying for attention daily. However, the biased truth people are absorbing on a regular basis is not the VOICE of The One Who is Truth.

In the midst of the commotion and vain repetition from clamoring voices, either from the uninformed, those of evil intent, or even from our own inner voice, all appealing to be heard, The VOICE of The Lord God Almighty of Heaven and earth interrupts the complacency we unwittingly fall into. He purposely disturbs our composure so our peace seems to be gone.

At this time of events on the earth, most people are rejecting GOD’S gestures of Love. Therefore, He steps in and upsets our comfort zone attempting to get our attention. GOD of LOVE and TRUTH truly desires to have personal interactive fellowship with human beings who are made in His Image and after His Likeness.”

While some may question God’s way of communicating with His people, is without a doubt that God is always present in our lives, even in the times when we feel that he is not around or abandoning us. The Voice of God speaks to us in different ways, but He speaks to us all. Since ancient times He has always made His voice known and recorded so that future generations may seek His wisdom especially in our hour of greatest need. The Bible is a way for us to hear His voice speaking to us. In the Holy Bible we can find God’s truth and in a way, God’s gestures of love.

To know more about Betsy Fritcha and her works, grab a copy of her book Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Hungry for God? or visit her website today.


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