Before I Was Born By Corey Anne Abreau

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My name is Corey Anne Abreau, Author of Before I Was Born. I am a mother of two boys, an 18 year old & a 3 year old.  We live in North Attleboro, MA. I enjoy spending time with my boys, writing, and being around family and friends. 

My author journey started back in 2016 when I got married and decided to have another child. I had already had one child but we wanted to grow our family and this time around it was not as easy. Having suffered with endometriosis made it difficult for us. I also experienced  a chemical pregnancy, having to go through IVF, two transfers, and then finally getting pregnant with my second child made writing my first book extra special. It was a way for me to celebrate the joys of motherhood all over again. I was young when I had my first and it was less of a struggle to become pregnant. 

Writing Before I Was Born was almost therapeutic for me. Especially after going through so much trying to become pregnant this second time around. 

I started writing my book, Before I Was Born in 2017 and it came out in 2019. It is published through Beaver’s Pond Press in MN. My illustrator, Samantha Williams is wonderful and I love how she took my ideas and made them so beautiful.  

Before I Was Born is the perfect baby shower gift or new sibling gift. It explains what’s happening inside mommy’s belly during the 9 months of pregnancy comparing the baby’s size to a piece of fruit each month. I recently published my second book, Socks. Socks was also Inspired by my son and his love for playing with his socks. 

My second child has been my inspiration all along. But you will see in each of my books I include his big brother too. I find writing for children very enjoyable. I love to write short and sweet rhyming stories that make you feel good and smile. 

Becoming pregnant with him is when my writing journey started. It was just an extra special time in my life and I wanted to write all about my experience. Then watching him grow and come into his own person also makes me want to write. I am sure other children experience similar situations. New moms and pregnant women can relate to Before I Was Born and babies and toddlers can relate to Socks. 

Both of my books are on Amazon and all updates and reading events can be viewed at  There will be more to come. I plan to continue writing as my child grows. I want parents and children to want to read my books and get a good feeling. I enjoy sharing my experiences and hope that it helps anyone who is going through something similar. Sure, we all go through difficult times in life but something beautiful and amazing can come out of such a hard time and I am proof of that. Having hope and staying positive is so important. 

I want to thank Authors Lounge for allowing me to share my story. I think it is amazing to share the authors backstory and what inspires them to write. It really is a beautiful thing when you know what drives a person to write! It is powerful. 


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