Becoming a Rebel Writer by Elise Krentzel

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Hello, fellow rebel writers in the making. I’m Elise Krentzel, author of Under My Skin – Drama, Trauma & Rock ‘n’ Roll, and CEO of EK Editorial and Coaching.

Born in NYC, I started traveling as a teenager to Europe and never stopped. I’ve lived in Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands. No one can keep down your independent spirit as an author or writer because we are born entrepreneurs, even if you work a day job. I mean, we all have to support ourselves, right? I’m a rebel at heart, so I remained true to myself and created projects and companies throughout my life. 

I began my career in the 1970s as a journalist and NY correspondent for Canadian and British music trade and consumer magazines. I toured with Kiss in Japan as part of a press entourage and later became the youngest-ever Bureau Chief at Billboard Magazine Tokyo. 

My writing (long form, book, copy, press releases, and product naming), publishing, media, and marketing skills have led me down many career paths, culminating in a body of knowledge based on these experiences to pass on to rebel writers like you!  The careers I chose have zigzagged and have now come full circle to focus on authors. Our company offers book coaching, editing, ghostwriting, post-production publishing, and book marketing services. Our team of handpicked caring perfectionists (in their fields), all of whom are experts in their field – editing, LMS, web design, KDP/Amazon, and publicity are people I trust who approach projects as if they’re members of a tightly-knit family. What makes EK Editorial and Coaching stand out are the badass team members who know their stuff in the convoluted self-publishing world because they’ve worked in it. 

In 1996 I sold my digital (yes, I was an early disruptor in the multimedia space) publishing company to work with writers-in-the-making at first by helping them market and brand themselves and their IP through developmental editing while coaching. To morph from a communications marketing and PR expert to what I was born to do and what I love best: writing and teaching 😀 It’s taken some time, but like I always say, in this business, “it takes a long time to be on time.” 

Last year a long-held cherished dream came true. I published my memoir, a book I had put off for decades. To expose me to my core, like many authors I had coached and edited, was a big dare that I challenged myself to and won. So what came next? While still in the afterglow of excellent direct book sales, speaking tours, and indie bookstore distribution, I came up with the idea of Write Like a Rebel

It took another year and some until 2023, for all my hard work and dedication to learning how best to assist those who wish to write and finish a book have paid off. 

Through many fits and starts, the online writing course, Write Like a Rebel launched in July for anyone who has ever yearned to write a novel, memoir, or legacy book and finish it. Finishing is the key word as many attempt, yet only some succeed. The course is over 50 pages over 12 weeks, includes video instruction, and not one, two, or three, but four free Zoom calls with me valued at $1,500. 

For those who want better analytical and structural skills to tell original non-fiction, memoir, fiction, or business stories, this course is for you. 🙌 🎉


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