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Life’s experiences give people countless wisdom and lessons worth keeping but, these can only be shared by telling them. As independent authors continue to put their trust in ReadersMagnet’s black and white publishing services and even to their children’s book and full-color packages, many authors have already imparted their own wonderful words of wisdom to their audiences.

Most words to live by are usually easy to find but some are surely worth repeating, sharing, and keeping. Those that resound the loudest within the person’s heart and mind are the ones that stay. When our independent authors begin working on publishing a black and white book or any other format, they know their stories, experiences, and insights carry the potential to touch the hearts of many and even change their lives.

Carrying on that spirit, here’s a new batch of quotable quotes from authors who chose to share their stories and insights with ReadersMagnet. Read and reflect through these lines or even share it to friends and family!

Even though we may suffer various trials in our lives, we can make the choice to defy them, to remain green, and to become even greener. Our adverse circumstances do not have to cause our demise. On the contrary, they can cause us to develop “long roots” that go down deep into the soil of our trials and produce life, not ordinary life, but life that is abundant and rich. Our hardships can work to aid us in developing “tough skin” for tough times!
– Deborah Ruth Reaves (Chapter 1 “Weed Lessons” – From Weeds to Wisdom)

“Because she thought our very existence is beautiful with its ups and downs. And she told me that the beauty is in all the things we learn because of that experience. These things make us who we are.”
– Megan Ahasic (“Orphans of the Sea” – Heartical)

The nature of fear is that, if it is not stopped or replaced, it will continue to escalate until its intensity debilitates you and finally paralyzes you.
– Robert L. Scheck (Chapter 3 “Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Bound for War” – I Never Came Home)

What better gift could be given? God does not call the equipped, but He equips the called. What a beautiful gift, to be entrusted with the treasure of what God loves the most—the people He created.
– Lila Ellexson Senter (Foreword “Gifts” – The Gift)

Waiting is hard for us because we like instant results. God knows our impatience so He tells us, “I, even I, am He who comforts you.” Isaiah 51:12
– Orva Lynn Kauffman (“Does God Hear Me?” – Prayer Thoughts: Praying Scriptures with God Power)

You have to be willing to become small like a child. Like a child, you must be able to become humble in a moment. You must blindly believe when the only answer to your question is because. You cannot stand so tall that the world obscures your view. You must be fearfully innocent as you peek to see the bows imprisoned in the raindrops, promising showers of miracles that will pour freely from the portals of heaven.
– Brenda Wilson (Introduction – Peeking Through the Pearlies)

Yes, it is right to go on loving each and every day and then to leave your love behind. For you leave your love and memories which can never die with time.
– Linda Meek (Chapter 1 – Giving Up Is Not an Option)

The power to change our lives lies within each of us, as does the power to realize our dreams.
– Regina Ozoemela (Success Against All Odds)

What you have in your world of dreams becomes yours because you believed it would become yours. It is yours because faith with which you embraced those dreams was yours and your journey within followed the path of truth.
– Dr. Kenneth Urial Gutsch (Chapter 7, “The Choice Is Yours” – In Search of Identity: The Journey Within)

We let circumstances rule us, instead of realising that we can take charge and rule our lives from within. One of the most valuable things you can learn is that ultimately, you’re the one who’s responsible for you. You don’t blame others. You don’t blame circumstances. You take charge.
– Hamilton J. Williams (“Take Charge of Your Life from Within” – Success Within Your Grasp)

Like many quotable quotes, these words carry a certain light that will live on within the hearts of those who get to read it.

With black and white publishing services and other self-publishing packages offered by ReadersMagnet and many other author services companies, there will always be an opportunity for new and aspiring authors to impart their own wisdom and have the privilege to reach out to the hearts of readers everywhere.

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  1. Sofia

    “The power to change our lives lies within each of us, as does the power to realize our dreams.” Great quote!

    • Lane

      Success Against All Odds is a great book!


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