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Weekly Quotes

Isn’t it great to find books that put into words what the heart feels and experiences? This is why many independent authors are always hoping to share their wisdom through their stories, knowledge, and insights. Whether it’s black and white publishing services or many other types of self-publishing options, there’s always that opportunity for aspiring writers to touch the lives and hearts of people all over the world through their craft.

This week, we highlight more wisdom and thoughts from authors who decided that publishing a black and white book with ReadersMagnet is worth it. With their books already published, it’s only a matter of time before their creations reach to the hands of their readers. With that in mind, here are more words to live by that may inspire you to write your own book or convince you to know more about what our authors can offer.

“She said that the bad moments enhance our happiness by providing contrast. So our experience, good and bad, is part of an amazing process that continues throughout our lives. Heartical is the epitome of that process.”

– Megan Ahasic (“Orphans of the Sea” – Heartical)

We all live with a certain degree of fear. Fear is a tormenting spirit. Fear’s competitor is Faith or should I say, faith’s adversary is fear. – Robert L. Scheck (Chapter 3 “Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Bound for War

– I Never Came Home)

And although our missions are accomplished in different ways, and our journeys are in different directions along different paths, each is the gift He has given us all.

– Lila Ellexson Senter (Foreword “Gifts” – The Gift)

When life presents you with great challenges, sometimes you have to weigh the lesser of two evils, and make choices that will disrupt your life but will be better in the long run.

– Regina Ozoemela (Chapter 3 “Learning to Break Free” – Success Against All Odds)

Life is not a dress rehearsal. We only get one shot at it.

– Hamilton J. Williams (Introduction, Success Within your Grasp)

We learn to take charge by accepting the obligations of life, by suffering, by taking risks, by loving, by bearing life’s indignities with dignity. The problem with people whose attitudes do not allow for challenges and difficulties is that they have this false expectation of life. They anticipate a life without mountains to climb and chasms to negotiate. This is fooling oneself. It’s not a matter of if but when. Challenges will come. Folk who don’t accept this life’s reality have difficulty coping when problems show up.

– Hamilton J. Williams (“Take Charge of Your Life from Within” – Success Within Your Grasp)

Desire is the path to Choice, aspiration is the tenacity to stay on course, and thoughts are the essence of movement. As thoughts become allied to actions, the success or limitations of your change will be defined.

– Dr. Kenneth Urial Gutsch (Chapter 6, “The Path to Reality” – In Search of Identity: The Journey Within)

How wonderful it is when we find that God has quietly “snowed” in our lives, and at times with such abundance. All along He was quietly working things out for good, and at the same time, letting us know that He was acknowledging us—mere mortals. Although we may not always hear Him, we awaken and see that His divine intervention has quietly fallen on our lives and on those for whom we make intercession.

– Deborah Ruth Reaves (Chapter 22 “As Quiet as Snow” – From Weeds of Wisdom)

It is never right to use one lie to correct another.

– Richard McBain (Story 5, “Never Admitted Doing Wrong” – The Neighborhood Kids Short Stories)

No matter how smart we are, we are bound to make mistakes. Some mistakes we never mean to do, while others are either purposely done, or carelessly done. When we make any kind of mistake it is just good manners to apologize and say you are sorry.

– Richard McBain (Story 15, “Saying I’m Sorry Helps Considerably” – The Neighborhood Kids Short Stories)

While these are some of the many authors who put their trust in different ReadersMagnet Self-publishing services, there’s no denying that their stories, knowledge, and wisdom is definitely worth sharing. Discover your options with this young and growing enterprises and make your dreams of getting published come true today!

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