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The Author

Urmie D.Seenarine born and raised in Guyana, started cooking at the early age of eleven. She learned cooking techniques and use of exotic ingredients from her father who was the unofficial village cook. She currently lives in Queens, New York with her husband, two children and three grandchildren.

Savory Dishes of Caribbean Book CoverThe West Indian American Cookbook emerges as a winning formula with uncomplicated but healthy recipes. This delightful cookbook features 107 easy, homestyle recipes guaranteed to spice up your everyday cooking.


From breakfast to dessert, Urmie Seenarine, a native Guyana cook, organizes this book by food type-chicken, lamb, beef, veal, pork, turkey, fish and shrimp, and desserts and miscellaneous-with an easy-to-navigate index system. Many flavored recipes provide a creative alternative to the regular basics, as they include a variety of spices and herbs that are precisely described. From the Apricot Chicken to her famous Brisket, from her Veal Roast to the Fry Banga Mary, all of the recipes include helpful tips on ingredients, cooking time, and advance preparation.


Some recipes are sweet, and some are savory, but they all represent Urmie’s best recipes in a successful fusion between American cuisine and West Indies cuisine, turning American fare into deliciously spiced and flavored dishes. Urmie’s Famous Banana Bread highlights the last section of desserts, and puts a finishing touch on a delightful and warm cookbook.


  1. Lydia Kennedy

    As a self-proclaimed cook, this book has provided me with new recipes to try and master.

    • Phyllis

      i once visited the Caribbean with my family and enjoyed their food. I’m excited to buy this book and cook their dishes.


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