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Against The Craft of Time

 Oft times, we tend to title a written work after it is written. After we have tucked in the marked up sheets, words of entitlement and letters of discourse, we call out to the manuscript barely a toddler and look for our just born epitaph to come unto us with outstretched soft or hard cover jacket and scream their name that will stick and sell them as they are all orphans looking for a homebound shelf. Oh well we say if that title doesn’t work we can always change it, copyright notwithstanding.

 My book however was screaming for attention and its rightful place a short time before the first syllable rang forth. ©Timecraft, it just stood there, with a timeless air that was breathed long, long ago that has endured since a beginning manifested or should we say Godifested as night and day began their trek. From then, or earlier, until now and beyond our night and days have been 24 hours, that is local Urantia time, God time began at 6 PM. It has been meted out to each one of us the same: richer or poorer, sick or well, living or dying, all the same. The clock stops not.

Oh you say, if we could craft or manipulate time or witch or Godipulate time we would be the barons of lengthening our years, contraire. Let’s take logic into the mix. It seems most thoughts of time travel involve someone going somewhere else with a when other than now. Regardless of which conveyance they take as they start to move they aren’t the only item that goes. Besides the vehicle used they have to take other items of which I’ll list a few until you get the big picture. The entire sun, moon, stars, planets, universe, galaxy, plus things adjoining all creation. These massive energies must halt and go backwards or forwards to specified times and places. We are already aware of the formula which includes time. It is contained in Einstein’s E=mc². That expression alone tells us that it would take the whole Energy of the Mass of all there is to move anything out of its orbit in time. It can’t go with the traveler and the traveler can’t escape the constant NOW we are all faced with.

However, where there is a will there is a way. But we have to set our goals in another dimension in which we are more familiar. We can and already do see into the past. Although crude and simplistic we can start with everything that has been frozen in still life, whether photographs or video, all are in the past. Now put on your imagination and your thinking cap to begin to see the possibilities. For starters let’s for example put on our infinite power telescope and aim it at an inhabited solar system similar to ours, near or far in light years, and observe their day to day lives. Let’s say we found one 100 light years away. What are we viewing. We are looking at them as the light bounced off of them 100 years ago. Same principle applies to our telescopes out in space now looking way out into deep space observing areas close to where is thought to be where the big bang happened. If the past can be examined that far back and that far away, then it stands to reason that the past can be seen closer in time and not as far away. Especially since all the advances we have known about in lenses and eyesight along with frequencies, colliders and light speed.

What is important to us we spend our time in abundance and willingly. Growing up I paid a lot of attention to God being baptized as I approached 13. Opportunity allowed me to teach from the pulpit. By 21 and some college behind me in November 1966 I joined the Air Force. Had traumatic experiences on the way back from Korea in 1970 in flight with returning severely wounded. Married now going past the 48 year mark with kids to great grandkids. Graduated with a BS in 1988 and writing 2 books the other titled “Ancient Signs of Deception” proving Jesus not to be an imposter by being in the grave 72 hours, 3 days and 3 nights, not the 36 hours that most Christians adhere to. I play several instruments and write songs and music. At 74 I have Lymphedema and Parkinson’s. I believe in all of us doing the best we can regardless of circumstances. I have lots to do, including more books and look forward to the TIME ahead. I feel ultra-blessed. Too many blessings to account. I would like to hear your stories as well. God bless!


  1. Ellie

    You’re just too cool for an old dude. I am not as old as you but am a child of the 60’s. We learn that time waits for no one so spend it as wisely as possible. Don’t squander your days being angry, it brings on too many wrinkles. I spent 9 1/2 years isolated as I cared for my mother who died at age 102 in her own bed. In the three years since Ishe passed I have learned life passed me by but the people you love drag you through all the sights and sounds. I can outlast the kids on a dancefloor! God has blessed me beyond abundance. I got a lot of living left to do.

    • Kelly Don Ford

      Ellie, compliment highly accepted, you are more than sweet. I see you keep late nights as well. Your zest for life and appreciation of your roots reveals the times you feel are most important and how key you are to those around you. As an avid reader I wonder if you ever ran across “A Wrinkle In Time” the book, not the movie I usually don’t recommend movies but “Defending Your Life” with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep is another sheer fun time that got me to giggling inside myself. I don’t look good on the dance floor but applaud your abundant blessings. Exceed the distance! You are on the right tract.

  2. Kelly Don Ford

    Thanks for a great compliment. Your zest for life and roots appreciation are duly noted. Life is a dance floor of its own and our mothers hold the key. Outlasting goes hand in hand with a verse revealed: To them that overcometh, a crown….. You have already exceeded the distance but farther you will go.. Keep having fun I enjoy myself more when I do. Two not boring sources: a book “A Wrinkle In Time” and a movie”Defending Your Life” with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. God’s speed. It helps.

    • Ellie

      Thanks Don, I shall watch the movie and read the book. No crown here, but a true appreciation that every day is indeed a gift. No looking back at what we cannot change and anticipating tomorrow is a worry. Live today with all your soul and heart. I agree our mother’s had faith in us so let’s just keep rolling. Be safe, stay healthy.

  3. Ellie

    I watched the movie – who knew there was a Judgement stop? It was enlightening but cute. I will read the book. I wish you success, good health and safety in these crazy times.

  4. Kelly Don Ford

    How time flies and it’s a small world. I didn’t know you were a Reader’s Magnet author. I was mentioning receiving comments from you while working with Ryza Rivers on my next project. I’ll look you up and get one of your books if I had more to go on. I have a grandson, Kolby Dalton Ford (mid 20s) who plans with a friend to visit Colorado around early next year. He’s on Facebook as I am. My new title coming out pre-Easter 2021 is: The Critical 72 Hours After the Cross.

    • Ellie

      Hi Don
      Small world both our ARO would be Ryza. Great little gal whose has a 4 year old named Ellie! My webpage is and my next book, Generations of Good Food is in production – a cookbook. Your grandson should have fun here, this is a state made for recreating. I am on Facebook, I will send a friend request. Be safe in these stressful times.

  5. Kelly

    I’ll let Kolby Dalton Ford (grandson) know. He is working/training to be an electrician . Yes, we are both lucky to have Ryza. All the team members especially Ken L. have helped above and beyond. Since I need caregiving myself now and was one with my parents and worked in Houston and Austin as Teaching Parents for both Abused and Neglected as well as Emotionaly Disturbed adolescents, a Bible for helping us cope was a book titled THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED. Your book ONE CAREGIVER’s JOURNEY would have been a great asset back then as I’m sure it is an additional comfort now for the greater need for caregivers. It still amazes me as to what a small world we live in. Similarities in names came to mind as you mentioned the name Ellie. Coincidentally with us my youngest daughter, Melissa, named her son who he and I share identical initials: KDF. My eldest, Stefanie, gave her daughter the first name of Kaley. Now, who but a doting old man, me, would notice that three of us: Kelly, Kolby and Kaley have matching letters in places 1-3-5 : K L Y. That alone tells you I have too much time on my hands. Oh well! I’ll get your cookbook. Let me know when it hits the streets. My website has its domain name but is waiting on me for the next step. I’d like to put my books, print artwork of my acrylic canvas paintings and music samples portions which can be used for a donation. I’m too old to copyright and create music scores unless someone out here knows an easier and less expensive way. I’m headed to Face Book now. Stay safe as well.


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