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About the Author

ReadersMagnet is proud to present Detours to Destiny: A Memoir, a book written by Elling Halvorson, known as the Living Legend of Aviation, and the brains behind the Grand Canyon Tours.

Detours to Destiny: A Memoir is a moving, riveting and poignant tale of one man’s struggle to achieve the near impossible. The personal tragedies he has faced and endured and overcomes. His Memoir is a personal journey from a life of humble beginning to a life of success that touches the many lives he has come in contact with.

Elling Halvorson Cover PhotoHalvorson’s Detours to Destiny: A Memoir also serves as an inspirational book and a guide for those faced with seemingly insurmountable problems and personal tragedy. It will show you how to act and deal with challenges that tests your resolve and have faith in yourself, and God.

How to turn problems into blessings. Challenges into opportunities. How to treat accidents and tragedies as a test for strength and survival instincts. But most of all to continue trusting yourself that no matter what the trials and tribulation one must face we must overcome. And, despite it all still maintain the hope that will keep us in the fight for life.

Elling B Halvorson attending a gala nightThe humble and unassuming Mr. Halvorson, upon his graduation from Oregon’s Willamette University in 1955 with a degree of Economics and Engineering began work in Grand Canyon in the early 1960’s.  Building a freshwater pipeline from the North to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, where he used helicopters to lower supplies into the Canyon floor. It was while working on this project that he saw a bigger business opportunity, which leads him to put up the Grand Canyon Air Tours, in 1965.

The year 1965 proved to be a memorable year for Elling Halvorson, for while great business opportunities presented itself to him it also was the year of great tragedy which he will never forget. That year Elling met a serious accident which nearly claim his life. In fact, no one expect him to survive the accident. But the tenacity of the Viking blood – as his friends and family claimed – help him to cling to life and survive.

These tenacious and stubborn attitude – which really doesn’t show with his shy and laidback demeanor – is the one strength that made Halvorson surpassed and overcomes the many trials and challenges that came his way. His labor of love that help extend the lives of his disabled sons. His works on the development of technology on helicopters, and inventions of machines in freshwater pipelines.

To be sure Detours to Destiny: A Memoir is both a fascinating book detailing the travails and triumphs of a dedicated man against life’s adversity, but at the same time an inspiring book that shows us that if we worked hard enough and have faith in ourselves and our God nothing can stand in our way. Truly a wonderful book to have, next to the Bible in inspiring us to face our greatest fear and triumph.

If you want to know the inspiring adventure and life story of a truly remarkable man – Elling Halvorson – grab a copy now of this wonderful book. Detours to Destiny: A Memoir.


  1. Charito

    His memoir is one of my favorite reads. Thank you for featuring him!

    • Dorothy

      I just bought his book and will be starting it next week. I’m expecting a lot of takeaways from it!


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