Chrys Wimer is a CA native.  She graduated from The Master’s College with a BA in Psychology then received her teaching credential from CSU Fresno.  Chrys has taught K-4 and is now an elementary substitute teacher.  She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, crafts, cooking, singing, and photography.  Reading and writing didn’t come easy for Chrys until 2007 when she found out she had Irlen Syndrome a visual perceptual disorder.

Chrys Wimer book cover Wallys misadventureWally’s Misadventure is about a young raccoon who longs for adventure after being cooped up all winter.  After being reminded of the rules, Wally takes off.  He is supposed to take a friend along, but when they are all busy, he decides to go alone.  Wally encounters many obstacles along the way.  When he gets a stomach ache from eating too much human food, Wally realizes a valuable lesson.

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