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Author Lara Solovay describes herself on the cover of her book  “And The Oscar Goes To…”,  As a Jewish woman who needed severe saving and the only one who could help her was Jesus Christ her Lord and Savior. She didn’t grow up in a traditional Jewish household. They only observed Chanukah but not Shabbos. Lara and her older sister were the only ones out of the Solovay family that were not bat mitzvahed.

Lara had a large circle of friends from all different Backgrounds and cultures. She loved the different lifestyles and adapted to them very quickly feeling more understood. As she got older she explored and dabbled with all different beliefs and spiritual styles.  Thinking these methods would work and heal but to her surprise caused catastrophic consequences.

One of Solovay’s friends suggested church and in such desperation she started to attend. It was answered prayer. Lara received Jesus as her Lord and Savior and that’s when her life changed. She kept on going to service to get her deliverance and each time the Bishop would cast out demonic spirits.
Lara shares her story to encourage and help people with healing and deliverance.  She tells her explicit trials of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical attacks from dark forces. Lara illustrates that no matter what comes against you God is stronger and bigger. Solovay is a speaker, coach and Messenger of light. She has been spreading her experience in magazines, radio, churches, events, web broadcasts as well as other venues to inspire her surroundings and lift the name of God bringing glory to His name.


  1. Kaylee Foster

    Her book is a good read for those who feel lost in their faith.

    • Charito

      True! It has many insights on how Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.


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