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lara solovay auhtor imageIm so grateful for Authors Lounge giving me an opportunity to encourage others and shine some light. Here’s a little something to uplift your spirits…..A father said to his son as he points to sky, “look at the airplane”. The next day the father brings his son to the airport and brings him right in front of a 747. The son says. “WOW, look how huge the plane is”.

Friends, it’s the same with God. The closer you are with Him the bigger He is and the smaller your problems seem. We think about our problems when we wake up, during the day and  when we go to bed. Our focal point is only on an emotion or circumstance not the big picture. If you went into a room where Picasso was painting and  he only had a few lines on the canvas, your vision would solely be on the strokes that were already made.  How can you possibly know or figure out what the painting truly consists of.  While Authors Lounge can be a great frame, we have to pull back and let the Master creator and taylor weave the perfect painting.

During the Christmas Season we must align our vision with the gift of GOD and not on presents or people we don’t have. In one part of my book, I speak about the holidays and how I was so spiritually sensitive to not only my environment but the world and their grief. I would cry for 2 weeks straight just picking up on other people’s pain. The loneliness can seem unbearable during the holidays but we must channel our focus on the one who formed us. Everywhere you go all you see are pictures, loving couples and their smiles displaying such bliss. You guys, don’t believe the hype- who would put their picture when having the flu with a 102 fever.  The world wants you to see what they only will let you see.

If you are going to look at pictures then look at the one of yourself inside yourself creating how you want to be for this new year. Life is meant to be enjoyed, find the goodness in everything and work around what you do have!! God has  a purpose because you still have a pulse..Don’t give up!! Thanks again Authors Lounge


  1. Miya

    “The closer you are with Him the bigger He is and the smaller your problems seem.” What a perfect way to describe our relationship with God.

    • Emily

      All we really need is to be closer to Him and every burden we have will be lighter.


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