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Monique Boyd is the author of the romantic thriller Jasmine: Woman of Color.

Jasmine: A Woman of Color is a recently published romance novel. It is written by a first-time author. Since its publication, it has caught the interest of romance thriller fans and the self-publishing community. Today, we get to know more about the author behind the remarkable novel- Monique Boyd.

Monique Boyd was born in New Jersey. When she was only two years old, they moved to Kansas where she spent her childhood years. Before she embarked on a literary journey, Monique spent her years in the corporate world. She worked in the office administration for more than three decades with Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems. Boyd also worked as a Senior Executive Assistant for the last 21 years.

Monique Boyd remains an active member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), which served two-three years appointed terms on the Certification Administration Board (CAB). She also received her Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) certificate in November 2006. The following year, she got her Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) certificate in November 2007. Monique Boyd has recertified twice, most recently in 2017. She also received her Project Management (PM) specialty 2019.  

Monique Boyd is divorced. She has six adult children, five of whom were raised together. She now enjoys the company of her 16 beautiful grandchildren whom she considers her angels. 

Setting A New Path

In 2018, Monique started her literary journey by releasing her first major work, Jasmine: A Woman of Color. It was a major undertaking considering that the book is a full novel. Furthermore, Monique has recently announced that Jasmine: A woman of Color is part of a three-book series that she is currently working on. This means that fans of the book can expect more from Monique soon. Below is a quick peek at her first masterpiece.

Jasmine: A Woman of Color by Monique Boyd

Published in 2018, Jasmine: A Woman of Color is a romantic thriller by Monique Boyd. In this book, we are introduced to Jasmine Moore, a recently widowed Executive Assistant. Before losing her husband, Jasmine already knew about his infidelities. Because of this, Jasmine had planned to exact revenge. However, Jasmine fell in love with a doctor named Jason and decides to forego her revenge. Experiencing love the second time around, Jasmine tries to live a happy life. But before she can fully enjoy peace, she discovers a threat to her life. Jasmine has no idea who is trying to kill her and why. She decides that she must first confront this threat and get to the bottom of this before she can fully live a free and happy life.

Jasmine: A Woman of Color is a novel that contains eight sections. The story starts with Jasmine’s marriage to Mike. Both were single parents who fell in love and decided to start a family. However, a little over a year into their marriage, Jasmine learns that Mike is having an affair with another woman. Upon discovering details of her husband’s Mike’s extra-marital activities, Jasmine promised revenge. But while plotting her revenge, a series of unexpected things unfold. First, she becomes infatuated and fell in love with Dr. Jason. This newfound romance made her think twice about her previous plan. Second, she learns that someone wants her dead. To preserve her life and protect her children, Jasmine decided to investigate and confront this threat.

Monique Boyd’s Jasmine: A Woman of Color is a unique mystery thriller. Despite having all the elements of romance thrillers, the story is nothing like we’ve ever seen in recent years. If you are a fan of mystery thrillers that involve romantic plots, then Monique Boyd’s debut novel will prove to be a refreshing read, to say the least.


  1. maribeth

    Enjoyed this spicy first novel, and hungry for *the rest of the story” in the life of this interesting lady.

    • Monique

      Thank you so much please stay tuned. Book 2 is coming soon.

      Love Monique


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