Author Feature: Laurie Jean Bagley

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ReadersMagnet features Laurie Jean Bagley, a woman who embarks on a journey to changing lives.

A healthy and physically fit body can sow many benefits, such as improvement in well-being and relationships. Health and fitness will make anyone feel better, have more energy, and add years to life. Laurie Jean Bagley and her book, Summit, will convince you to get moving to have a happier life. ReadersMagnet will take a closer look at this amazing author. 

Laurie Jean Bagley An Accomplished Woman

Laurie Jean Bagley is not an ordinary woman, but a superwoman. She is a mother, businesswoman, coach, educator, and speaker. She is not a world-class climber or a sponsored athlete; however, she identifies herself as an athlete and competitor. Her high school years jumpstarts the passion and drive she has now. During that period, she was first a competitive track and cross country runner. This then developed into summiting mountains, guiding rivers, and various racing competitions such as triathlons and mountain bike racing.

Bagley has climbed plenty of summits, including Everest, Denali, Aconcagua, Peak Lennon, and Kilimanjaro. Her many diverse roles have forced her to underplay summiting; still, she continues to climb part-time as a guide for Adventures International. Climbing Everest has opened her eyes to many possibilities. She discovered a new purpose in life: to abet people with their personal goals related to health and fitness. Moreover, she was enlightened that anything is truly possible if one is willing to commit themselves. 

At a young age, she found herself drawn to the outdoors, feeling at home immersed in nature. Bagley believed that the most powerful way to change behavioral patterns is to get fit and use what mother nature offers. This is one of the options she presents to people whenever she creates a health/fitness plan. She can relate to the pressures many people tend to feel daily regarding fitness and health. Her coaching sessions are a means for her to help others accomplish goals. Bagley’s goal is to teach people how to develop one’s desired body and health in their lifetime. 

Bagley can be described as an established and accomplished woman. She has a business called Life Journeys that focuses on motivational speaking, goal setting workshops, fitness coaching, and her Everest climb documentary. She has raced on a top ten world-class adventure racing team. Her story was featured on numerous platforms such as The Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, Her Sports, and Enjoy Magazine. Bagley has a Master’s Degree in Outdoor Leadership. She became the 26th woman to summit Mt. Everest and the 6th in Tibet Side. She has won plenty of awards, including the California Outdoor Hall of Fame Award, 8th place finish in Discovery Channel World Championships adventure race, ten top 3 finishes during four years of triathlons, and many more to mention. 

All of Bagley’s achievements were drawn from her personal experience. She shares this through her book, Summit One Woman’s Mount Everest Climb Guides You to Success. She shows how to set and attain the goals one has close to one’s heart. Time is Bagley’s secret to achieving her goals and taking all the necessary steps. She states that it is never simple and easy, but with one’s unique set of skills and passion that helps one serve others. 

Summit! One Woman’s Mount Everest Climb Guides You to Success

Summit! is a book that can potentially change its readers’ life. Author Laurie Jean Bagley presents to readers her phenomenal experiences and extraordinary skills to help in one’s reflection. This book will encourage readers to find and discover their true passions and gifts. Thus, achieving one’s desired goals. Bagley’s book will teach many aspects of making things possible. She aims to guide readers to accessing their inner core of being to find the right goal. This book will plant something in one’s brain that is essential to life’s journey. 


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