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Jamil Soucar is an author and seasoned construction manager who shares his knowledge through his book and online construction management course.

There are quite many management books in the market today. They offer various strategies and programs on how to manage people, projects, and even profit. The construction industry is rather a complex business. It covers many aspects, and managing a construction business can be chaotic at the very least. From the design to structural concerns to managing materials, production, people, and pace, a construction manager needs a guide to oversee everything properly. Thankfully, there are construction management guides available. However, the book Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z by Jamil Soucar is an amazing work that every construction manager should take a look at. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the man behind this powerful management guide.

Jamil Soucar the Manager

Jamil Soucar has worked in the construction industry for over thirty years now. Beginning in 1982, he has worked both sides of the fence- as a manager and as a contractor. His experience also covers many facets of the construction industry. 

Jamil Soucar finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at UCLA. He also holds a certificate in Project Management from UCL as well. Over the course of three decades, Soucar has held a wide variety of positions and served in various capacities. This enabled him to gain a well-rounded construction experience.

Jamil Soucar’s vast experience also allowed him to absorb different perspectives. One of his resume includes working for Turner Construction, one of the largest firms in the United States of America. As he built his career, he was also able to acquire many skills, methods, and standard practices, which in turn became very useful when he started his own company. In 2007, after many years of hard work, Jamil Soucar finally began his own company, the Arc and Line LLC. Soucar oversees construction projects. He also works as an expert witness in court for construction-related cases and claims.

Jamil Soucar the Teacher

Aside from his managing projects, Jamil Soucar imparts his knowledge to others through several seminars and classes. He taught at Westwood College and was recognized as an “Outstanding Faculty” for three consecutive years. His teaching legacy can also be experienced via his online construction management course– Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z (also the title of his published book). The course aims to provide the necessary knowledge and wisdom for everyone that is working in the construction industry. The course is designed for architects, engineers, contractors, and construction managers regardless if they are new to the industry or seasoned CEOs. This comprehensive online management course includes the following:

  • 43 in-depth video training modules that provide detailed instructions from Jamil Soucar’s career since 1983 in construction management
  • 1 Free Bonus Video
  • 14 chapters of the Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z audio book for free

 Jamil Soucar the Author

“I am a big advocate for using schedules as the main tool for managing the project. Unfortunately, I see a lot of bad practices and approaches to schedules that turn this wonderful tool into a bureaucratic process often used as tools for disputes and fights.” (excerpt from the book Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z)

Published in 2017, Jamil Soucar’s Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z is an exceptional material. The book contains many topics and covers many aspects of construction management, from the history of construction management to project relationship management down to tips on building an effective construction management schedule. Based on Jamil Soucars extensive experience in the field and office, this revolutionary guidebook offers valuable lessons, timeless wisdom, and modern approaches to managing your construction projects. Whether you are an owner, representative, architect, contractor, and builder, Jamil Soucar’s Real Life Construction Management Guide From A-Z is a book worth reading over and over again.


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