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Jacqui DeLorenzo is the author of the lovely poetry book Straight from My Heart.

Straight from My Heart is a collection of heart-warming poems written by someone whose passion for helping others discover their own identity and self-worth is so immense and inspiring, to say the least. Her poetry shows both sides of life, the joy, and the pain. In her book, she takes us to the realities concerning sorrow, suffering, and even death. These stories are based on other people’s encounters, but at the same time mirror our own truths. They tell of their adversities, frustrations, despair, and loss.

But Jacqui DeLorenzo’s Straight from My Heart is not all about sadness. In this wonderful literary masterpiece, she also gathers stories of hope, faith, wisdom, and life’s adventures. She shares worlds where pain and illness are absent. She takes us to places where love reigns and happiness resides. More than that, Jacqui Lorenzo’s poetry invites us a peek into different lives in the hopes that we can draw inspiration, courage, and lessons from them. It is a book that opens our hearts and minds in order that we understand more about life and our existence. ReadersMagnet is proud to present Jacqui DeLorenzo, poet, and author of the book Straight from My Heart.

Jacqui DeLorenzo: Poet and Storyteller

For many years, Jacqui DeLorenzo served as an academic counselor at North Shore Community College. However, she left her position just recently to pursue other endeavors. Currently, she continues to help students as a part-time worker at North Shore Community College consistent with her passion to guide students into achieving their goals. Jacqui maintains that it is her mission to help young people possess healthy self-esteem and will to succeed in life. Jacqui DeLorenzo is a licensed mental health counselor through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Jacqui DeLorenzo earned her associate’s degree from North Shore Community College. She was an honors graduate. DeLorenzo then completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst where she finished as summa cum laude. Not long after, she pursued a master’s degree from Salem State University in psychological services/counseling and graduated summa cum laude. 

Despite giving up her post at North Shore, Jacqui continues to be at the forefront of shaping young minds and molding better individuals through her volunteer work. DeLorenzo is a volunteer for a local hospice and a shelter for the homeless. It is in volunteer work that Jacqui DeLorenzo finds purpose and fulfillment. Aside from her daily activities outside, Delorenzo also finds joy in reading, writing, and travel. She also loves to bond with friends and family.

A Thread of Hope

Aside from her book Straight from My Heart, DeLorenzo is also the author of the book, A Thread of Hope published in 2007. It is a memoir that chronicles Jacqui DeLorenzo’s life story including her parents’ breakup, the death of her thirteen-year-old brother, her fight against cancer, and her struggle with an eating disorder. In this book, we witness Jacqui DeLorenzo’s strength as a woman and as a person. A Thread of Hope is a story of a person’s persistence and undying faith. In this book, Jacqui DeLorenzo shares to her readers that one can always improve and triumph especially if his determination is anchored in trusting that God will help those who help themselves.

Both Straight from My Heart and A Thread of Hope are compelling and touching works that will leave readers inspired and grateful.

To know more about Jacqui DeLorenzo and her works, you can grab copies of her works, or visit her website today!


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