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Denise Rolanda Chambers is the author of the amazing book Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer.

Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer is a guidebook for those who want to enhance their typing skills as well as learn the basics of creating a business letter. The book is written by writer and teacher Denise Chambers.

Chambers’ teaching career started in the mid-’80s at a vocational school in Pasadena, California- Watterson College. Chambers taught secretarial science courses and leadership development. Denise went on to teach at Pasadena City College Community Skill Center where she taught typing and keyboarding skills. 

Denise Rolanda Chambers also writes grant proposals for non-profit organizations and schools. Chambers runs her own business, the College Funding Scholarship Service. Chambers continued teaching and writing until she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which severely affected her health. Despite her health status, Denise was determined to pursue her academics and in 2004, she received a B.S. in Psychology degree from La Verne University in California. In 2008, Denise Rolanda Chambers earned her Masters in Education from the University of Phoenix in Arizona. Currently, Chambers is completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. With therapy, exercise, and prayers from friends and family, Denise’s health is slowly getting better.

Aside from writing scholarship grants, Denise Chambers developed a book to help both young and adult readers learn the fundamental skills of typing and keyboarding. It is a reference book that will benefit readers especially in a fast-paced computer world we live in. It is designed to aid both new and experienced readers to reach their highest potential as far as typing and keyboarding skills are concerned.

Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer

“Typing and developing keyboarding skills have a common goal from the typewriter to the computer the paper is formatted on 8-1/2″ (across) by 11″ (down) paper called the portrait position. Page 3 reviews common basics in the measurement of how characters are perceived via the fonts on paper. Page 4 and page11 depicts the descriptive process of left and right margins from the typewriter to the computer. Centering text and top and bottom margins continue on pages 4, 5, and 6. Descriptive accounts of the most commonly used Microsoft word keys are illustrated and detailed on pages 7, 8, and 9.” (book description)

In 2008, Denise Chambers published her book Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The ComputerThe book aims to sharpen the reader’s skills in the mechanics of keyboarding. The book is designed so that readers will learn the importance of letters and hand placement on the keyboard. It contains a practice guide for timed writing test to see how fast you can type. 

Chambers’ Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer also teaches readers how to set up margins from the typewriter to the computer, hand placement of keys, spacing within the text, the most relevant Microsoft Word keys. The book encourages everyone to learn formatting and drawing keys, typing tables from the typewriter to the computer, as these are valuable skills needed in today’s computer-dependent industries.

What makes Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer an amazing book is that you can carry it with you wherever you go. This 13-page booklet is a powerful read, a typing manual, a training module, and a booklet filled with valuable tips rolled into one. Denise Chambers’ Fundamental Keyboarding Skills: From The Typewriter To The Computer is a must-read book for the writers and workers of the twentieth century.

Other Works and Projects

Aside from her book, Denise Rolanda Chambers maintains a website where visitors can engage in powertyping online tutorial. Power Typing Online Tutorial is an online free typing tutor teaching on a computer keyboard- English layout. The tutorial features typing lessons for QWERTY, simplified Dvorak, and Programmers Dvorak layouts. Visitors can also try the following:

• Typing tests

• Typing practice

• Typing games

• Where to learn what?

• To learn keyboard layout – use typing lessons page.

• To practice specific keys (alpha, digits, symbols) – use the Space cadet game and the Typing practice page.

Denise Chambers also maintains the Typing Right Blog where readers can learn more about enhancing typing skills as well as other related topics.

To know more about Denise Chamber and her book, kindly visit her website today!


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