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My name is Author Avalon Soulette Brown. I grew up in Newark, NJ and lived there all my life. I have been a nurse for 39 years. I’ve worked in different areas of nursing. From Post-op GI/GU surgery for 18years and then dialysis for 20years. In between I have worked Per Diem in other fields of nursing from bedside nursing, to home nursing, and some substitute school nursing. I am presently working as an Infection Preventionist Nurse. I wrote my first book in 2012, which is a memoir of my nursing career. (It Was The Devil All Along) I felt I had a story that needed to be told since I encountered many different struggles in nursing but came thru them victorious. My second book I  decided to write about my father’s life, (My Two Bishops & Mother) and how he wanted to be a preacher from childhood and his journey to becoming a bishop, founding his own church and mentor a young man and his wife, so that the church would continue to have a bishop and a mother of the church. I have adventured in a new direction, after meeting a teacher of Newark, NJ at a book expo in Roselle, NJ. She asked me, “Have you ever thought of writing children books in your field of expertise, since you are a nurse?” That question started me to thinking right there at the book expo. I sat down at my table and the title “Mommy Why Do I Have a Cold “popped in my head. When I decided to start writing the book, I thought about one of my granddaughters who’s always coughing or having a running nose. I decided to write the story about her and talk about some possible situations that might make a person catch a cold. After writing the book I realize this book could be a great teaching tool for children of all ages and some adults.  Once I wrote her book, I realized my other grandchildren would need a book about them. Now I have seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Ages ranging from 5 years old to 22years old. Now my goal is to write a story about each grandchild.  So far, I have written a book that addresses two grand children and one great grandchild. Besides Mommy Why Do I Have A Cold, I have written, My Dad & The Big Machine, That Needle Is Not For Me, and a children book that is a story by one of the seniors in my church. Ben There’s a Mouse In The House. And the senior drew the pictures.  After I have finished their books, I still have other titles that must be complete. My writing will not stop because there is always a story to tell.

Mommy Why Do I Have A Cold?

mommy why I do I have a cold

Soulette is not feeling well today. Mommy thinks she is coming with a cold. Mommy gets her Nanna to explain the different events that may cause a person to come down with a cold.Avalon Brown has been a nurse for 38 years. She has worked in many fields of nursing.She currently works in the field of Infection Prevention

That Needle Is Not For Me

That needle is not for me

Avalon Soule­ e Brown grew up in Newark, NJ. She has been a registered nurse for many years. She currently works as Infection Prevention nurse. Loves watching the clouds and their formations. Enjoys going to church. And believe God wants her to serve him with all her heart, mind, and, soul

My Dad & The Big Machine

My dad and the big machine

Little Bobbie loves going to the movie every week with his dad. Dad has become sick because he developed kidney failure and no longer to take little Bobbie out every weekend. Dad decides to do his dialysis treatments at home, but Bobbie dosen’t understand what the big machine is doing. After his dad explains everything, and lets him know the machine is not hurting him. Bobbie is no longer afraid and gives his dad a hug.

Ben There’s A Mouse In The House

Ben A mouse in the house

This book is about Teresa who spends a lot of time in her basement with her fish tanks. One day she goes into the basement close and discovers mouse “present in her boots and slippers. She runs to get her husband Ben because she wants him to get rid of the mouse.


  1. Christian

    Mommy Why Do I Have a Cold? was such a lovely book. My daughter really enjoyed it.

    • Emily

      Mine too! Whenever she has one, she always ALWAYS run to grab this book and reread it.


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