Animal Stories And How They Touched Our Hearts

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Heartwarming stories about animals and their human counterparts have always left a lasting impression in our hearts and soul.

Throughout history, stories of animals and their human masters have always endeared to us. From Buchepalus, the gallant horse who rode to many battles with Alexander the Great, to the ever-loyal Hachiko, who showed up to Shibuya Station every day for over nine years after his master’s death to wait for his return, animal stories often leave an everlasting impression. They remind us that animals also have emotions, values, and above all, they can be man’s best friend and ally. Today, ReadersMagnet revisits some remarkable animal tales and why they continue to touch our hearts and souls.

The Humanity of Pets and Animals

What makes animal stories genuinely remarkable is that they display various characteristics that are similar to us. In E.B. White’s classic story Charlotte’s Web, we met the generous and caring barn spider named Charlotte. In the book, Charlotte went out of her way to save his friend from being slaughtered. She sacrifices herself so that Wilbur, the pig, will live a long life, even going as far as giving Wilbur her egg sac. The book is a story of friendship and caring for others. In another book, a semi-fiction entitled William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen. It is a heartwarming tale of two cats under the care of a kind-hearted woman. One day, William is killed, and his sibling Tibby and the woman are left devastated. William goes to heaven while his loved ones mourn his passing and continue to live life until they meet again. It is a story about death, grief, and the afterlife. Hamblen wrote the book after her cat died.

One of the most famous books that feature animal welfare is Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty. This timeless read features the bond between the famous black horse and the countless owners he met throughout the narrative. The book taught us how to treat animals and humans with kindness, sympathy, and respect. William and Tobby Forever and Balck Beauty are just two of the many books that humanize animals and pets. And as always, they make for heartwarming narratives.

The Life Lessons and Moral Values

When we talk about animal stories, we automatically associate them with moral values and life lessons. From Aesop’s timeless fables to modern children’s stories that illustrate virtues and a positive outlook, animal stories have always been great teachers. Some of the stories we grew up with taught us the value of being industrious (The Grasshopper and the Ant), of being humble (The Tortoise and the Hare), contentment (The Dog and the Shadow), and that in life, if there’s a will, there is undoubtedly a way (The Crow and the Pitcher). Aside from fables, non-fiction animal books display heartwarming moments between animals and humans, and these moments inspire us to be kind, unselfish, righteous, and loving. Modern animal books such as Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony and Marley & Me by journalist John Grogan are always a joy to read. The Story of Elsa by Joy Adamson is a biographical book about Elsa, a lioness she rescued as a cub is another remarkable book. We also remember the super emotional biography Gorillas in the Mist by the late Dian Fossey, who lived and studied mountain gorillas in the forests of Rwanda until her murder in 1985.

All these narratives have left something in us, and even today, some of us continue to reread these timeless stories featuring animals and their extraordinary bond with us. Their journeys have become our own. The experiences, as well as the lessons, will always live for generations to come.


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