Angelites – Body of Persons Empowered by Jan Eleven

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Hey everybody! What’s happening? Thank you for welcoming me into the Authors’ Lounge.

My book, Angelites – Body of Persons Empowered, is about angels descending from Heaven on a mission from God to find divine representatives willing to dedicate their lives to saving humanity from an oncoming onslaught of Satan’s deadliest demons called the Clucifix. Gina Vasquez, a down-on-her-luck sheriff from New Mexico, and Natalie Mercedes, a grieving private investigator from New York, are chosen first. On the brink of an apocalyptic war, their course of action will either balance the scale or tip it toward one side. But, which one? Read the book and find out. 

I’ve been an avid comic book reader since I learned how to draw, which was about five years old. Then I became a fan of action movies during my teenage years, from the stunts to the dialogue. I always had the urge to write a book, but the story never came to me. Then one day, my wife and I watched an action movie about an ordinary cop turning into a G. I. Joe character in a matter of hours. What?! I never questioned an action movie before because it’s meant to entertain and defy realism. However, the outlandish stunts and over-the-top gun battles turned me off because it came across as too phony.  At that moment, my story appeared like sunshine rising from the gray clouds. I took that idea and ran with it.

Although my book touches many genres and people, like faith-based or action-drama, the supernatural audience would be my target, anyone who loves reading about otherworldly occurrences like superheroes, mystical creatures, or journeys of destiny. Even though the setting and characters relate to modern times, I wanted this story to read like a realistic comic without the clichés.

When people read my story, I want them to believe that they have the potential to do something great in life. We all do! It’s about having faith, remembering the struggle is temporary. Never give up on the goals and dreams you may have, although they seem impossible. As long as there’s an idea and opportunity, we can all succeed. There’s a quote from Fredrick Douglas I hold dear to my hear, which resonates a lot in this story: “Without struggle, there’s no progress.”

I plan to write more books and maybe a comic book as soon as I get my drawing skills back. I have a few more novels already in development, unfortunately no plans for an Angelites sequel. I want to write one, but the story has to be as kick-ass as this one. I also want to take a stab at screenwriting, as well expanding my social media presence because I do have a lot to say. I can be a voice that people would like to hear. However, my personality on camera needs much work, so that may be a long-term goal.

I call myself an “Illustrauthor” – Illustrator plus Author. I did all of the artwork in Angelites, and I plan to add more of a comic book style to my future stories. I also released a short story this past Christmas titled 3PM. I hope to make that into a full-length novel soon. I’m also working on my first website. Hopefully, my fans and/or followers will be interested enough to log on and surf through my latest creative content. 

I wish I had more to tell, but that’s it for now. If the Lord continues to light up the road ahead, then you’ll be seeing more from Jan Eleven. Remember the name. See you soon!

God bless!


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