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Are you an author who is currently looking for a platform to openly discuss and share your stories, books, and even the most random topics? Stop your quest right now because ReadersMagnet Publishing LLC got your back! ReadersMagnet has the platform you have been searching for. We introduce to you ReadersMagnet’s platform, Author’s Lounge where you can share your story, speak your mind, and discuss with others.

What is ReadersMagnet Author’s Lounge?

Sharing is a good means of communication. It is important not just for you but also for everyone to open up your hearts and speak up your minds on heavy and bothersome matters. Being able to finally share the stories inside you that have long been wanting to be told is a great way for you to find your voice and increase your self-esteem. It is beneficial for an author to communicate and share his thoughts about his works or even his random experiences through a prominent medium. 

However, finding a platform where you can tell your tales can become daunting. There are just a lot of uncertainties and questions that come to your mind. The idea of finding the “perfect” target that allows you to pour your wisdom can become a little bit scary. But if you think less about it, there are actually numerous platforms to choose from. You can go for social media platforms or even create your own website. This can be challenging, considering not everyone can reach your website. But with ReadersMagnet Author’s Lounge, you are assured to reach a wide range of readers and even authors like you.

ReadersMagnet Publishing LLC created Author’s Lounge for the benefit of authors. Through this platform, authors like you are being given the chance to promote strong readership, build your own brand, and make friends with other authors. With Authors’ Lounge, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to speak up, socialize, and promote because all of them are now made possible!

You can consider this arena as a book discussion club or a web-based book club to be exact. It will allow you to meet and discuss with people and other authors on a daily basis, depending on your availability. You’ll also get to find common ground with your fellow writers, such as interests, reading preferences, literary heroes, and more. And apart from the opportunities to expand your connections that the platform provides, you can also get a wide array of learning and share something for the others to learn from too.

Members of the lounge are allowed to open up about certain books, genres, characters, plots, and other literary topics that they want to talk about. They can even share about their journey towards writing their book, writing career, or literary success. In addition to, authors can submit articles on colloquial materials that can be timely and buzz-worthy. 

In joining this club, there are particular guidelines when submitting your content. The article you wish to share must not have less than 700 words and must not go beyond a 1000 word count. Next, the article must be in English for it to reach a broad range of readers. Lastly, links that forwards to other publishing websites are prohibited. You are given the freedom to include high-quality images that you took yourself, links to your website, book, and third-party websites that sell your books to help you with its marketing. 

Let us not waste more time, submit your stories now and enjoy the freedom and benefits that come with it by signing up on ReadersMagnet Author’s Lounge. Not only will you enjoy expressing your stories, but also enjoy the $250 worth package which includes publishing and marketing services for your next book. All you need to do is submit an entry. What are you waiting for? Visit Author’s Lounge Today!


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