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I, Marvin Schrebe, will be adding a website soon. Reader’s Magnet is giving me a terrific deal on it. I still have to hammer out a few of the details but it should be up and running in a few months. We are timing it to go online in conjunction with the publishing of my book Teatime.

I hope you all will stop by and take a look once I’m done adding a website. I also welcome you to review my book when it publishes in April. It is my pride and joy. Many of the stories and poems in it are award winners. There is something for everybody.

While plenty of the stories are for children to enjoy, there are also stories in it for teens and older adults. The horror fans will love my story “Frosty: The Axe-Murderer?” and “The Jenkins Farm”. The Christmas story lovers will like “The Year Mrs. Claus Delivered Christmas” and “Rolling Thunder”.

The science fiction / fantasy lover will fall in love with stories like “The Black Hole” and “Asteroid. Poetry lovers will also find something to love as there are many poems both free verse and traditional metered poems.

Writing for me has always been a gift. As such, the ability to write was freely given to me. Therefore you will find that my books are inexpensive. I do not wish to make a fortune from them.

I only want to get back my investment with this adding a website thingy. My real pay is the satisfaction of knowing somebody is enjoying my efforts and benefitting from them. The smile on a woman’s face as she reads a poem about romance, or the thrill on a child’s face as the child reads about Santa Claus are all the profit I need.

Jesus told us that the second greatest commandment was to love each other more than we loved ourselves. I take that commandment to heart and attempt to live it out in all I do. When I write it is out of love. I love Jesus Christ and I love all of you.


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