A Resilient Warrior by Mindy Dougherty

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This book can be purchased at www.feedmycity.net

This is an autobiography of my life and overcoming abuse of several types throughout my life hood. I am a US Army Combat Veteran, who served in Bosnia in 1996. I served from 1995 to 1999. During my time served I had suffered through pancreatitis and other medical ailments which led to several surgeries to include having my pancreas, gallbladder, appendix, and duodenum taken out with 3 comas, and 2 stem cell transplants as well as an islet cell transplant. My grandmother asked me to write this book 20 years ago, however, I wasn’t quite ready to face what had happened in my childhood, so I decided to go to nursing school to help others and was committed to working. Unfortunately the long hours and on-call 7 days a week just buried the hurts deeper and I never dealt with the past until 2014 when I was tortured for 4 months at the San Antonio, Texas VA Hospital which then forced me to not only face my struggles and battles of the past, but it forced me to revise the way I lived. I was bed-bound for 3.5 years and had to relearn how to walk, talk, swallow, and learn to trust again which took me 7 years to do. I created a company called Feed My City, which teaches people to grow from the inside out by using the method 1 seed, 1 plant, and 1 garden at a time. We can flourish with our communities if we first learn how to grow from the inside out. With this concept, we teach kids the same theory and also to detach from materialism by growing plants for both themselves and others so they can give plants, fruits, and vegetables to others and learn to help others grow in their communities as well as learn the value of sustaining great nutrition and education.

I want the readers to gain inspiration and hope by obtaining knowledge of how to overcome anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other issues by gardening, hiking, drawing, and finding inspiration through the stories told throughout my book. I believe if I can offer 1 ounce of hope then it can begin to start to lead us into a space where the darkest of places can be shined upon with light and offer a future to those who thought that they were incapable of this due to their childhood abuse or those who are in abusive relationships and also those who are struggling.

I have chosen to set aside nursing for now and went into acting which my book will be featured in two movies this year, and eventually my goal is to make my book into a movie, so I can reach a broader group of people internationally as this book is sold in over 13 countries now. My main goal is to spread awareness about suicide prevention as well as to reach those who feel like giving up in life. My name is Mindy Dougherty, and I am A Resilient Warrior.


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