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This original novel is the second book in a three part trilogy about family life in central New Hampshire. Although the places and names are fictitous, they are stylized after real people in the author’s life and real locations in NH. There are two themes running concurrently throughout the novels: the main theme being the love affair between two young people and the other theme being their relationship to various forms of wildlife. Hunting, fishing, animal husbandry, bird watching and other animal life pervaid the stories.

I am writing here for a book promotion company in a website called “Author”s Lounge”. In the second novel Alex and Bess are married after a courtship in Belchertown, NH. Eventually they have a child and the love that Bess and Alex established in book number one blossoms as they raise their child.

There are a number of chapters in “Forever Yours” about fishing and hunting experiences. Alex, who becomes a proficient Atlantic salmon fly tier, progresses in his abilities to create these elaborate flies using exotic feathers from around the world. The interaction of music comes into the lives of the Samuels’ family in this second work.

Many of the chapters in this second novel take place in towns and other locations in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. There are also excursions into Canada and Scotland. Alex meets Colin Simpson, an expert Atlantic salmon fly dresser who lives in Scotland, and takes a class with him when Colin comes to Maine to teach salmon flies and do some Atlantic salmon fishing. Alex and Colin become good friends when Colin discovers that Alex has great prospects for developing into a world class dresser.

Alex acquires many rare feathers through trades with other salmon fly dressers. The collection of exotic plumages becomes a hobby in itself for the young Samuels father. Although fly fishing is an important part of the Samuels’ pastime, they pursue birdwatching in local areas and have a great deal of entertainment and learning experiences from that pursuit.

Alex also becomes involved with playing the acoustic guitar and starts to write lyrics for his own songs and makes musical arrangements to go with the words. This form of artistic involvement progresses throughout the second novel and into the third part of the “Family Affair” trilogy as their daughter grows older and attends the Berkley School of Music in San Francisco.

This synopsis of my novels is being put together for the “Author’s Lounge” a website under Readers’ Magnet, a writers’ promotion company based in San Diego, California. One of the fishing trips that the Samuels go on is to Great Bear Lake in the Arctic Circle of Northwest Territories in Canada. It is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun because in the summer the sun never goes down for several months.

The Samuels fish for Lake trout there and they catch some very large trout. Alex catches one that weighs 26 pounds! They bring back home two trophy fish and over a hundred pounds of filleted trout packed on dry ice to endure the long, drawn out trip back to New Hampshire. A very profound fishing adventure to say the least. The Samuels also fish in Labrador, Canada for large Brook trout, Arctic Char and Atlantic salmon.

Two trips there bring back some memorable moments to review as they tell their stories to others and dream of fantastic fishing opportunities. But the main theme of wholesome, morally appropriate and joyous love between the members of the Samuels family is the backbone of these novels. There is no alluding to prurient interests or sexual scenes in these novels.

Neither is there much violence. Two deaths arise in the novels, but they are both due to accidents. These novels are clean reading and serve to teach others, especially those who are just starting a family, values and lifestyles that they can model their lives after. Basically, these values are the epitome of what New England life is all about… a simple, yet highly motivating way to live.

“A Family Affair” is written in a narrative style but with frequent dialogue intertwined in it. You will feel the tone of voice in the characters and recognize a distinct vernacular in many of the native people as they speak. It differs from other parts of our country.

My novel writing started out as an experience to write dialogue. It was my intention to only write a short story of one chapter. After I had written chapter one of book one I decided to carry on with additions to it. Before I knew it I has over twenty chapters. I did very poorly in English in grade and high school as well as in my university work.

Exactly how I becomes involved in writing for a hobby I can’t really explain, except that I found that the more I wrote, the better I became at writing. Writing is like an other art form. You progress as you follow it. Today writing is one of my greatest loves, along with music, fly tying, ham radio and videography.

This synopsis of my novels is being done for “Authors’ Lounge”, a part of Readers Magnet, that is a website devoted to promoting and advertising writers’ works to the general public.


  1. Maxwell MacPherson, Jr.

    In paragraph five I misspelled ‘young’. It’s spelled ‘yound’. I’m wondering if you could correct that?

  2. Rizza

    Will be with my family for a reunion, I’m thinking of reading this book as a little bonding activity for all of us. Should I?

    • Izzy

      I think you should! This book is definitely a must read for the whole family.


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