A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: What Your Dreams Mean

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You look up into the stars and start to admire a wide array of stars that light up the night sky. You marvel at the peaceful sky and feel a sense of calm and tranquility. Out of nowhere, you feel the fresh, calm wind blowing on your skin, and you start to shiver. Then, all of a sudden, you are free falling. You’re falling from a great height even if you don’t ever remember where you’re falling from or why you fell. Your feeling of serenity is all of a sudden replaced by fear and panic. You move your arms, trying to grasp onto something; then, you feel a bed rail – your bed rail. Slowly, you open your eyes to realize that it was only a dream.

People often say that dreams often depict something that we hope for in our lives. Sometimes, dreams are a way we connect with a Divine Being, like in the book Visions and Dreams by Ken Powe. According to Sigmund Freud, understanding our dreams often sheds light on our unconscious desires. So if you’re curious about what a dream means, here are some common dreams and what they mean:

1. Falling

Dreams about falling are the most common dreams that many people have experienced at least once in their lifetime. There’s even the common belief that you would die if you hit the ground when falling from a great height in a dream. Though it has never been proven to be true, there is something that falling can tell you about yourself.

Often, this famous dream signifies that something is not going as planned for you, and you feel that something isn’t going well in your life. It often suggests that you have second thoughts about a particular decision you made or need to consider shifting gears towards a different direction in life.

Dreams of falling are actually a symbol of fear. Because of this, these dreams are evident in people who are stressed or fearful about their situation at work, school, or even love life. So, if you have dreams of falling, it may be your head’s way of telling you that you need to be able to let go of yourself more.

2. Flying

How cool would it be if we could just fly anywhere you went! Dreams about flying can mean two different things. If you were calm and happy in your dream, it might mean that you yearn or are enjoying your independence. 

However, if you feel frantic in your dream, mainly because you fear heights, it may mean that you have the intense need to escape something. Often, you feel restrained by something and want to experience something liberating from what you usually experience daily, such as social norms, responsibilities, or the harsh realities of life.

3. Losing Your Teeth

Many of us just can’t imagine what it would be like for this to happen. Losing your teeth would not only impact your health in terms of nutritional deficiencies it could lead to, but it could ghastly affect a person’s appearance.

Losing all your teeth in a dream often indicates that you are worried about your appearance and how attractive you may be to other people. However, if you don’t think that this may be true for you, for some, losing your teeth might mean that you are losing your ability to be assertive or losing your grit. Your teeth often symbolize your power since you use your teeth to bite and tear food.

4. Being Naked in Public

Trust me; this is one of the scariest dreams that are still somewhat more realistic than others. It always starts with something that usually happens. Maybe you’re walking to school, taking a bus, making a report or presentation, then all of a sudden you realize that you’re naked and have a sudden rush of fear and embarrassment in front of others who are all of a sudden staring at you.

According to Penny Perce, often this suggests that you’re afraid that others will find out something about yourself. Maybe you’re keeping a secret, or maybe you’re just afraid of being vulnerable or letting others be aware of your shortcomings. Regardless, this may be your brain’s way of telling you that you feel like a phony or lying about something.

5. Taking a Test

Had that dream of a teacher distributing booklets or answer sheets just making you sweat all over in your seat? Maybe it’s because you are starting to have a fear of failure. Tests are often very stressful situations where you are often left with unpreparedness and inferiority, and they often remind people of their shortcomings.

Because of this, people who dream of taking tests often feel unprepared for something new that they might encounter in their life or feel like they are not enough or strong enough to face challenges or adversities.


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