A Caterpillar’s Dream By R. Austin Soderquist

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A Caterpillar’s Dream

Persistence Really Does Pay Off

R. Austin Soderquist

Austin Soderquist

The success of A Caterpillar’s Dream: The Gift of Persistence in a way surprised me.  In the first weekend after release it hit 3 best seller lists and became a #1 Amazon best seller!  This proves to me that the snowball effect is real and that persistence really does pay off.  This book is the fifth book in the Bugs Values series designed to help teach values and principles to children in a fun way.  It has also been my intent to inspire and help parents, grandparents, and the guardians who read the books to children.  I truly believe that all of us are a Miracle and have a Purpose in this life.  Little did I know, these books would also impact me on a very deep level.

As with the other books I have previously published in this series, when I started working on A Caterpillar’s Dream I was presented with powerful opportunities to learn the lessons of persistence in my personal life.  It began with me feeling a lack of motivation and energy towards working on this book.  It then progressed to financial difficulties that excruciating.  I was then led into a spiritual low I have never before experienced.  Goals that I was working towards seemed impossible to accomplish and at times I was tempted to despair and give up.  I was able to Remember the Big Picture (RBP) though which helped me to understand that all of these experiences were to teach me so that I might better teach my readers.

            I never wished to experience what I have over the last several months however I understand the process of life and growth.  There are ups and downs, valleys and mountains.  As we reach one mountain peak of success or achievement it allows us to have a beautiful view, however we must descend again into the next valley to prepare ourselves for our next mountain climb.  Some of the most important lessons of life are learned while in the deep valleys.  I am grateful for these deep valleys that I have been through recently because they have prepared me for the new mountain I am now climbing and the valleys and mountains that will come hereafter.

            I am grateful for the message of this book and the example of Cody the caterpillar in being persistent towards the attainment of his goal.  This story has brought hope to me as I have persisted towards accomplishing my goals.  I have seen the power of these lessons in my life: having a definite goal, consistently working towards it, having mentors who guide us, and friends who support us, and above all persisting no matter what!

            I truly believe that after all is said and done and we have an opportunity to look back on our lives we will see the beauty of it all.  If I did not have the opposition and adversity that I have had I do not believe I would be where I am now, or value the successes and knowledge I have gained.  Because of the struggles I have had to persist through while working on this book I feel a greater sense of accomplishment and a deeper understanding of the value of life.  My heart is full of gratitude for my mentors, family, friends, readers, and all those who have inspired me and supported me on my journey.  This life is a beautiful experience orchestrated for our good!  Keep moving forward.  Remember that persistence is the key to success.  As long as you stay committed to your goal and never give up, success is guaranteed.  You are a Miracle!  You have a Purpose!



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