5 Worthwhile Things Authors Can Do This Holiday Season

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This year’s holiday season will find many of us confined in our homes. However, there are still several things we can do aside from dinner with the family, exchanging gifts, or engaging in indoor activities like exercise, meditation, and other itineraries. For authors, there are a number of items that we can revisit while being stuck inside the house because of this pandemic Christmas. Here are some of the things, we think are doable during the holiday season.

Create New Stories

The long holidays are a great opportunity for your creative juices to flow and try to come up with something new. It can be a poem, a short story, a draft for a memoir, or a full novel you once had in mind. Whatever it is, create something out of nothing. You don’t even have to finish it in one day or during the season. The idea of this activity is to keep your momentum going. This year many great stories have been produced both in films and literature, and many of these new stories owe to the fact that writers and screenwriters were forced to sit quietly in their homes because of Covid-19. Who knows your next best-seller might be just around the corner of your study room.

Edit Old Manuscripts

With time to kill in the comforts of your own home, it’s not a bad idea to revisit old works and try to edit them. If you have manuscripts lying around, you might want to dust them off and slowly try to take a look at the pages, chapters, and lines. Proofreading, copy editing can be done at home is actually a good form of mental exercise. For major works that need professional help, you can always look online. Take for example Greg Van Arsdale’s Editing Services. His website features Greg Van Arsdale on customizing editorial packages. As a veteran author of more than 10 published novels, Van Arsdale’s expertise and experience in evaluation editing, content editing, and other editorial processes, is highly remarkable. So try and have those manuscripts appraised and polished.

Go Online and Say Hi

Most people are at home and connected to the Internet. This means you have plenty of time to update your author’s website with pictures and blog posts. You can also take this as a chance to promote your book with social media posts. The holiday season is a great time to keep in touch with contacts. You can do this by visiting forums, group chat, and online writer communities. Fans and followers will appreciate it if you leave them Christmas greetings, new updates on what you are up to, and perhaps future plans for them to look forward to. Stay relevant by maintaining your online presence, especially this Christmas.

Check Out Virtual Fairs

Participating in national and international book fairs and exhibitions are every serious writer’s dream. Having your book included in trade shows is a big achievement. Also meeting new authors, big-time publishers, and literary agents are priceless. When the pandemic hit the country early this year, many chose to cancel their annual schedules for book events. However, during the last quarter, a number of organizers realized that they could still continue with the events via virtual book fairs and trade shows. Biggest book events such as the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the New York Library Association, and the National Council of Teachers in English went virtual this year. So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest virtual events happening this year or early next year.

Book Marketing Services

While checking for virtual book events on the Internet, you might as well check on the latest book marketing strategies. Today, there are many book marketing services that allow self-published authors a position to compete with other authors of the same genres. Strategies like online visibility and brand name recall are present in book marketing services such as radio interviews, social media advertisement, dynamic website, and web traffic optimization program such as the one ReadersMagnet is currently offering. These digital marketing services will enable you to reach more target audience and ensure that your brand is noticed by the people using the Internet.

Of course, there are many activities this holiday season even if we are all stuck in our respective homes. Just don’t forget to stay safe, stay productive, and above all, stay creative. Enjoy the holidays!


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