Recieving of entries is now closed. Announcement of winners will be on 30th of April 2020.

Thank you for submitting your entries. Winners will have their book a  chance to be published by ReadersMagnet.




The contest aims to encourage children’s storywriters to share their works with the community and to find the right target audiences for their narrative.


  1. The contest is open to all writers of legal age ( 18 years and older).
  2. All entries must be submitted via email to [email protected]
  3. All submissions must be original property of the entrant, with all rights granted therein.
  4. Manuscript:
               a. must be unpublished and original work of the author and subject for a complete plagiarism check
               b. must be written in English
               c. must highlight a moral lesson.
               d. must possess a compelling narrative voice.
  5. Entries should comply with the following format:
               a. HEADING
                        Heading in the proper right-hand corner of each page.
                        Heading is single-spaced.
                        Heading includes these nine lines:
                                Author’s Name
                                Mailing Address
                                City, State, zip code
                                 Phone number
                                 E-mail Address
                                 Title of Manuscript
                 b. TEXT
                           Short stories MUST be typed and double-spaced.
                           Short stories should be 1,000 words or less
                           Font Style should be Times New Roman or Arial. Font Size is 12 pt. You may use italics or bold for effect, but do not use them frequently.
                c. MARGIN
                            Short stories must have a one-inch margin all around the text. (Imagine a one-inch frame around the text.)
                            Heading must not appear in any part of 1-inch margin.
  6. All entries will undergo an initial evaluation by the judging panel. Final screening will be conducted by our guest judges.
  7. How to submit:
  •       Submit your entry as a Microsoft Word attachment to [Email Address] with the subject heading: RM Contest – [Your Name]
  •       Deadline for submission will be on 31st of March 2020.
  •       Please use the title of your story as the file name of your entry. Your attached entry must contain only the title and full text of your story.
  •       An email confirmation will be sent within 24 hours after the submission of entry.

PLEASE NOTE: The mechanics above serve only as guidelines and therefore, do not constitute solicitation of materials in any form. Authors retain all ownership of their work. ReadersMagnet is not liable for any copyright infringement on the entrant and will not become involved in any copyright issues in the future. ReadersMagnet has the right to turn down any submission deemed unsuitable for publication or that does not meet any of the criteria aforementione


The following criteria shall be used by the judges in evaluating and judging the entries to determine the winners:


  • Subject or topic
  • Plot or Storyline
  • Originality
We are looking for stories that stir our imagination and make us believe in the power of storytelling. Children have imaginative and inventive minds and the stories we tell them should be up to the task.


  • Language
  • Comprehensibility
  • Style
Understandability and form can make or break a story. The way we tell the narratives matter a lot, they must be absorbed by readers both young and young at heart.


  • Moral lesson
  • Insight
Great stories live forever if they carry life values. We are looking for narrative that will become classics because of the lessons they tell.


The winning piece will be published by ReadersMagnet (Children’s Book Package worth $2000).

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