Author interviews on America Tonight with Kate Delaney

This year, ReadersMagnet started a partnership with veteran and award winning-host Kate Delaney. Author’s Corner of America Tonight with Kate Delaney aims to promote authors across U.S. airwaves. These author radio interviews are part of ReadersMagnet’s commitment to further serve our authors.

Below are the successful radio interviews by Kate Delaney with our authors. We invite you to listen.

Doreen Hatton Interivew w/ Kate Delaney

Doreen Hatton interview kate delaney

Lily Langston’s husband, Samuel, is struck by a car and killed late one night while crossing the street to his home. the driver, Aaron Turner, a fifteen-year-old, has only a learner’s permit and should not have been driving alone, especially at night.

Lily and her family are Christians who believe in forgiveness. the family convinces the court to give Aaron probabtion and community service. Fifteen-year-old Rose, however, cannot forgive and is angry because Aaron doesn’t go to jail or pay for killing her dad.

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Keith Corman Interview w/ Kate Delaney

Keith N. Corman interview with kate delaney

Scourged Souls takes place during the American Civil War, however, it is not the war itself. Instead, it takes the readers into the lives and settings of the characters whose lives cross, for a brief few days during horrific battle, whether directly or indirectly through relationships. It reflects on the innocense of the characters and daily life. It also enters into personal reflections and the beliefs and plans of those involved.

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Dr. Peter Justus Interview w/ Kate Delaney

Dr Peter Justus interview with kate delaney

It began with a personal epiphany that occured in a most unlikely circumstance. That epiphany sent me on a personal journey that changed the way I lived my life. If you follow me in this excursion through time and mental space, you will expose to discussions of DNA and a few billion years of evolution, the minds of crows, a Viennese school of psychotherapy, orgasms, chocolate cake, heroin, money, politics, and religion. you will find out what certain Hollywood movies , the evil gods of golf, some of our sports heroes, a very old episode of Star trek, and “Kondo-ing” can teach us about achieving happiness in our lives.

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Renate Schalk Interview w/ Kate Delaney

renate schalk interview with kate delaney

Olli, the young octopus, is a curious and smart creature living in the ocean. He is always looking for adventures and meeting new friends. His classmates, the guppies, are usually hanging out with him. They get invited to King Neptune’s party for their teacher, a mermaid. They meet a hungry shark and help Olli find a new home. 


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Judy Cobb Interview w/ Kate Delaney

Judy Cobb readersmagnet

Forty Days of Healing: A book of Meditations, Prayers and Testimonies of Healing uses scripture, personal experience and heart compassion to express the prayers for healing that one desires. Through numerous experiences as a witness to healings, the author, J.D. Cobb recognized that her faith was somewhat different from others around her.


Listen to the interview on America Tonight with Kate Delaney