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A Thread of Hope

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A Thread of Hope

Welcome to my blog.  I
would like to thank Authors’ Lounge for allowing me to create this Blog. I hope
that you will find this message filled with Hope and knowing that there is
always Hope no matter how hopeless something may seem even if it is just a
“thread of hope”!

My name is Jacqui DeLorenzo and I want to share briefly my
life’s story. I am an academic counselor at a community college in
Massachusetts (USA). I worked full time for over 30 years and still work part
time.  My passion for helping others has
never left me. My primary goal has always been to help students believe in
themselves and to never give up on their goals no matter how big or how
small.  Everyone is dealt positives
experiences and negative experiences in life. 
However, even though often we don’t have a choice what is dealt to us we
do have a choice how we are going to handle it. We can choose to be a conqueror
or we can chose to be a victim.  It is
what it is as the saying goes. I am not saying that my life has been the
toughest but it has dealt me many challenges. 
I survived through my faith in Jesus and the thread of hope I never let
go.  As a child I went through years of
relentless bullying.  The breakup of my
parents left me feeling very vulnerable and the kids picked up on that.  I didn’t want to live this way and from the
moment I stepped onto the school bus till the moment I stepped off I was
bullied.  Later in life I lost my brother
through the devastating disease of leukemia. 
He was just 13 years old.  Five
year later I was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer.  I was given less than a year to live, I
suffered through an eating disorder and survived that but here I am today
sharing my story.

I would like the readers in Authors’ Lounge to know that I
have written to books: My first book: A Thread of Hope: A woman’s Spiritual
Journey of Faith from Trauma to Triumph and my second book: Straight from My
Heart: Journeys of Hope, Love and Peace.  
Both of my books are inspirational giving the reader a reason to go on
knowing that there is always hope.  I
felt sad most of my childhood but I found some inner strength to go on.  I promised myself that one day I was going to
tell my story and help others know that they are not alone.  My message is that I am a conqueror when at
one time I felt helpless.  I am very
happy with my life. I continue to grow daily and I appreciate all life has to
offer.  I love my family, my friends, and
I am most thankful for my health.   I graduated with a Master’s degree in
Psychology, because I believed I could. 
I feel fulfilled seeing that others became conquerors through my
stories.  You will discover your true
self, you heart will be filled with love, peace in your soul, and happiness in
your life that at one time was probably lost along the way.

Never give up on your dreams and always remember you are the
captain of the ship.  If you think you
can you can, if you think you can’t you can’t. 
So today make the conscience choice of being happy, saying to yourself”
I am free and I can achieve whatever I want”. 
Life is a journey and it can be a happy fulfilled one.  So once again I share my personal journey in
life through my two books in hope that you will be lifted so high that you will
feel you have wings.  God Bless you and
may the angels always carry you on their wings. 
Thank you Authors’ Lounge

Please feel free to visit my website:

Blessings, Jacqui


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