About the Author

Richard Buckner is an average, middle class American guy with a loving family. He is an ordinary working person who ventured into writing after drawing some inspirations from his lovely daughters, grandson, and from an extraordinary young African American girl named Miracle. With the help of his daughter Suelynn, Richard was able to write the inspirational masterpiece Aryana and the Moon Goddess.

About the Book

Aryana and the Moon Goddess is about a young girl, an impossible quest, a forbidden love, and enemies like no others. These are where this tale will take you. Join Aryana on her mission, in an attempt to defeat a tyrant, an evil Goddess, one that has caused people throughout many kingdoms fear and suffering. Travel with her as she makes new friends, becomes discouraged, encounters dangers, and overcomes her own fears.  Be with Aryana on her missions; support her as she loses hope. Welcome the beginning of a series, Aryana and the Moon Goddess. This story is set to be a trilogy. The others are yet to come.

Aryana and the Moon Goddess

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