Book Feature: Vision Dreams, A Parable by Anthony Candela

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The boundaries of happiness and humanity will be tested in Vision Dreams a Parable, a dystopian novel by Anthony Candela.

Penned by a visionary author who is both a “trekker” and a “secular humanist,” Vision Dreams, A Parable takes readers on a thrilling adventure that taps into society’s deepest issues. This dystopian novel about technology will be enough to catch readers off-guard with all the twists and turns. Furthermore, Anthony Candela perfectly brings to the pages a story about how a few people whose only desire fuels the fire for a drastic shift can lead to drastic action. 

Let’s journey into this book and see how it mirrors the true essence of being human.

What Makes the Book Impactful

Vision Dreams, a Parable often serve as mirrors to our own world. It reflects the flaws, injustices, and potential dangers within society. Although it may sometimes be an exaggerated or distorted version of reality, the book sheds light on pressing social issues. 

The story transpires through the narrator’s point of view, looking back on the journey with the other three co-adventurers. Readers can think of this book as a throwback where the narrator recalls everything they went through as a group. Giving a shot at shaking things up has always been the central theme of the story, ultimately reflecting the author’s passion to send a message to the world through his books. And with that, we also pick up the basic approach for extensive world-building in this novel. 

Moreover, every character in Vision Dreams, a Parable, wants to see their desires come true. Unfortunately, they live in a society where fortune doesn’t necessarily favor the brave. Aside from being hunkered down, the world they’re part of is more focused on self-preservation than its people’s welfare.

Vision Dreams, A Parable, shows us how to live the life we deserve. Ideally, we want a society that ensures the happiness and satisfaction of every citizen. But the only thing stopping that from happening is unfortunate priorities for self-preservation. In this way, we learn about what happens when nations become hypervigilant, especially when it comes to achieving what they want, even at the expense of the happiness of others.

The Meaning of Happiness and Humanity

Throughout the book, the four protagonist strive to achieve what it should be like to live in a world where the happiness and humanity of its citizens are top priority. Moreover, Anthony Candela questions how personal freedom and responsibility hang in the balance.

As an author with a penchant for incorporating social issues, Anthony Candela was inspired by real-world experiences. While they weren’t happy, he thought about the unnecessary conflicts and wars that took away the essence of being human. And because of that humbling experience, Anthony wrote Vision Dreams, A Parable with the humanistic desire taken to heart.

Despite the harsh realities of a society with depleting resources and self-serving rulers, the four main characters in Vision Dreams, A Parable, show remarkable resilience. They refuse to be deterred by the world’s obstacles. Instead, they strive to find happiness and the true meaning of life. This compelling narrative will inspire any reader, drawing them into the captivating world of Vision Dreams, A Parable.

Vision Dreams, A Parable and A Tale About Society

“In the midst of the subtle kinds of strife that leads many to live lives of quiet desperation, heroes are willing to take risks.”

Such a statement couldn’t be more real than it already is. Because of the world-changing events we experienced recently, it sometimes feels like life is already a dystopian novel as it is. And through this novel by Anthony Candela, we further understand what we can gain from a supportive and nurturing society. It’s safe to say that Vision Dreams, A Parable isn’t only a cautionary tale, but also a statement of misplaced societal motives. Most of all, it is what can be possible for humanity to achieve if only our world would be kinder to those who want to achieve their dreams and be happy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be hooked in the gripping tales of Vision Dreams, A Parable by Anthony Candela. By picking up a copy of this novel, you can join the characters who dared to challenge the status quo and spark change. Their journey will leave you inspired and questioning the world around you.


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