TWO AND A HALF WEEKS by Antony James

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On the 8th December 2008 my first and only son was born in Mexico and by the 25th December, he had disappeared along with his Mexican mother Magdalena Sofia Huerta Loeza. This is a true account of my effort, pain, and suffering I had to endure to get my son back, along the way, I had to put up including death threats, mental, physical and emotional abuse and falsely being detained and incarcerated behind Mexican bars not just once but twice! With all the barriers that stood in the way of me recovering my one and only son Ivan de Jesus, it wasn’t going to be an easy ride. I received serious death threats, intimidation and harassment at the hands of the mother of my first and only child. I truly found out the meaning to the expression, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, my god did I.

When the shit hit the fan, I urgently needed legal advice and somehow some evidence of my paternity which the mother hadn’t even shown me in the copy of the hospital record which is given only to the mother which I found very strange in its self. The reason why was to surface later on in this compelling and frantic story. I had been warned about the lawyers in this part of the world, many of them were referred to as sharks, which didn’t bode well for me as I had to go to court to fight for Ivan de Jesus. No doubt about it as this was going to be some fight but one in which had many unexpected twists and turns and even sudden death in the ensuing months ahead.

His mother registered herself as a single mother on the birth certificate before I had the opportunity to register my own name as my son was snatched from me at only two weeks and three days old. Even before I had the chance to love my son. I had to act fast and under pressure. The Mexican bureaucracy was horrendous as one could imagine in such a backward and totally corrupt country such as Mexico. I mounted a fierce legal campaign, which was fraught with the usual fucking corruption, skulduggery and some nasty surprises too. But in a country such as Mexico, one had to expect the unexpected and even pay quite a few bribes in order to get anywhere or just to survive. The daily corruption was just a way of surviving and in some cases, understandable. Child custody cases were notoriously difficult in the best of circumstances but in third world countries where anything goes and money is the name of the name.

Mexico is today thanks largely to an ongoing drugs war, a very violent country and the fifth most corrupt country on this planet for which, I was to find out just how much during my case. Such cases were prone to a little bribery, quite openly too!

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