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Trina Tubman 
Wife | Mother | Author | Motivational Speaker

A native of Baltimore, MD but now resides in Virginia with her husband and children. Trina has always had a love for writing and gives homage to late Dr. Maya Angelou for inspiring her to be bold and courageous with her writing.
Trina shares her life experiences and how she was lost and broken little girl to a life of wholeness. Trina not only shares her story in a written form, but she also embraces opportunities to share her journey to being restored as a Motivational Speaker.

Lost broken healed restored Trina Tubman book cover

This is the story of a little girl who was lost and broken. It’s journey of a girl who after seeing her life in broken pieces, tried all things wrong things to put back together again. Not realizing healing lied within her own grasps, she became self-destructive. This is the journey of a girl who learned that healing comes from first learning to forgive herself. One day, no longer wanting to be a prisoner to her own turmoil and strife, she decided to allow God to heal her from inside out. Now she’s on the road to discover the person God created her to be. She’s healed and restored.


  1. Miya

    To all the people who are broken in the world, this book is perfect for you.

    • Emily

      The girl’s journey was truly heartfelt and empowering.


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