Tips in Creating a Photo Travel Book

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Publishing a photo travel book is not only about immortalizing a trip. It’s also sharing memories and stories with others. ReadersMagnet shares these ten tips in creating a fantastic photo travel book.

Select a catchy title. Photo travel books are like photo albums, but only it’s published, and it includes stories you want to share. Just like any other book, you would want to choose a title that will generate interest to your readers and at the same time tell immediately what the book is all about. One example is the book Family Trip to Magical Madagascar by Nicki Geigert. It features Geigert on an amazing adventure with her family in the majestic African country.

Nicki Geigert talks about travel and photography.

Get creative spines. Book or authorial spines can sometimes be the most beautiful external part of the book. A fantastic photo travel book is expected to have a creative spine. If your book is about your travel to an African country, you might want to incorporate tribal patterns of African origins on your book spine.

Pick the best photo cover. Choosing a photo from your travel album as the book cover for your photo travel book makes sense. The trick is to select that one captivating photo that will summarize your travel photo essays in one picture. It can be an iconic landmark, a pose with an imposing scene as a backdrop, or an unfamiliar yet interesting photo from the place.

Organize your photos. There are many ways to go about this part; Some organize their travel photos chronologically. Others choose themes- colors, food, activity, place, etc. The most common and perhaps easy to the eye is to organize photos by color themes or hues. Some also separate pictures by chapter. Whatever you choose, make sure to be consistent from start to finish.

Include memorabilia. The best thing about photo travel books is that you get to share not only the tourist spots or nature’s best but also include small yet significant details. You can include train tickets, receipts of restaurants serving national delicacies, ferry coupons, museum brochures, and many other small items that have been a part of your wonderful journey.

Pen brief descriptions. A photo travel book is also about telling stories. While great pictures often have grand narratives behind them. It will never hurt if you write brief notes, narratives, and details alongside your marvelous photos. They can be informative, trivial, or even personal feelings regarding the captured moment.

Include contacts, etc. Since you are publishing a travel book, it would be nice to include some valuable information for your readers. Geolocations, contacts, rates, and other relevant details will be helpful to readers should they decide to visit the place/s featured in your books one day. You can also recommend your guides, restaurants, hotels, and even thrift shops. This information will come a long way and will make your book indeed an exciting read.

Minimal can be great. Simple is beautiful. That is a rule that many creative minds have adopted. It’s also true when it comes to photo travel books. When editing and making layouts for your book, please keep it simple and void of unnecessary designs. The combination of majestic photos and short stories should be enough to generate curiosity and excitement.

Choose quality paper. It is perhaps one of the most critical choices. The paper is sometimes all there is; A low-quality paper will ruin your photos and your book. Top-of-the-line paper quality can do magic even to the plainest and ordinary photographs.

Get a publishing partner. A great publishing partner will make sure that everything is covered before putting your book out in public. Pre-publishing services such as editing, proofreading, and quality print check should be done. A great partner also ensures book promotion and other marketing strategies are well-placed.

Nicki Geigert is a well-known travel writer and photographer. She has released numerous books about her travels and adventures to exciting places, capturing wildlife, magnificent sceneries, and beautiful people with her cameras. To know more about Nicki Geigert and her works, check out her books or visit her website today.


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