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Get Crowned! Sparking a Heaven on Earth Transformation

Where do I, Theresa McMorrow Jordan, begin?  I guess, as a writer, thank you for taking a moment to read my words.  This book, ‘Get Crowned! Sparking a Heaven on Earth Transformation’ is more than a 1st book to me; it is an assignment.  This opportunity through Readers’ Magnet, gives me the 1st stage to shout it from the virtual internet highway – across the globe. Imagine!

I am quite an ordinary person who has always had an extraordinary heart for souls.  I don’t know why, except, from quite a young age, I had a consciousness of Heaven.  Perhaps it was because Jamie, who was born right after me, only lived for 18 months.  And in my family, we always ended our grace at meals, with, “Jamie please pray for us all!”   Perhaps that is why I walked through this life with a consciousness of Heaven and saw people differently than others – from the inside out. 

The message in this book is like a time-released capsule and for some it might be like an injection of sorts — it is a small book, but the message is BIG – and life-changing; at least it was for me and I firmly believe it will be for those who are meant to hear it.

I, Theresa McMorrow Jordan, do not want to be presumptuous, but I wrote this book so that you might slow down, for just a bit, and be able to look at your life so far and see how good are and reflect on all the good you have done!  There is enough negative and sense of not being good enough floating around right now.  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of listening to those, who currently have the microphone, talking about how bad our country is and how divided we are.   I think that our greatest push back on all that is to prove them wrong by doing good on a scale not yet seen and linking arms across the internet and building powerful collaborations that show up as “Heaven on Earth” transformations in undeniable ways.

One person I hold dear, and perhaps it is because we share a name, is Mother Teresa.  She lived in a time in India, when vast numbers of people were left to just die alone on the streets of Calcutta. She was deeply troubled by the sight of it, and yes, she was a nun, but she was a Teaching nun, meaning her assignment was to teach young girls. But this situation was just wrong, and it just got to her.

She could have, quite frankly, like so many others, nun or otherwise, brushed it off as “not my job”, someone else, surely will come along and do something about it.  Or she could have reasoned that the government should step in and do something about it.

But the circumstances of these persons dying alone on the streets were too much for her to bear. She did not have the money, again she was a nun, and she most likely would have to leave the group of nuns she was with to do something about it.

She was going to have to start something herself.  None of this was in her experience to do, but she figured it out and it wasn’t easy, not one part of it was easy.

What I, Theresa McMorrow Jordan, set out to propose in this book is that you matter, what you do with your life matters!  Imagine if Mother Teresa had not done “her”, what the World would have missed out on!  And, let’s be honest, she wasn’t like our usual marketing model of beauty, but she gave us all a deeper, plunge into our understanding of beauty, and she was serving the dirtiest, poorest of the poor, showing us what loving our neighbor really looks like.  And, finally, although she wasn’t famous and she had no money, her beautiful selfless example of service and passion to expand the kind gentle touch of God on the world, opened up a continuous stream of money and resources that allowed her stretch across the globe.

If you, no when you, believe in you; believe that you have a legitimate voice, a compelling something to say or do; you will not have to SCREAM anymore, or point out what is wrong with everything and everyone around you. You will know what to do next.  You will finally find YOU, amazing You, and you will jump out of bed to do and be YOU. That is when you will finally see others, hear other’s perspectives, and focus your priceless resources of time and breath on that which really matters.  And I propose the ONLY thing that matters, is THE CROWN.

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