The Guardians: Phantom Whispers

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About the Book

No one loved his demon life more than Lukas, but one sword fight changed everything…

Lukas was a former demon hellbent on hating life. Rebecca was a Guardian in training, desperately trying to traverse her own obstacles and avoid the troublemaking ex-seraph. When Kiyoshi sends Lukas on a mission, the former demon grudgingly accepts, with conditions.

As Lukas is on a direct course into Rebecca’s path, a demon has her sights set on him, determined to pull him back to hell and his former glory.

How Did The Guardians: Phantom Whispers Come About?

The Guardians: Phantom Whispers is the second book of my Guardians series. The first book, The Guardians: Warrior Angels, came about from a dream I had when I lived for a short time just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The dream itself was very futuristic, including hover vehicles, people I didn’t know but felt very close to, and a man who looked very much like Chow Yun-Fat, a wonderful actor who played the king in Anna and the King. One of the main things I remember about this dream is wanting very much to write the story of these people, but they (within the dream) begged me to keep their world a secret. When I woke the next morning, I realized I’d been dreaming, and the first thing I did was pull out my computer and start writing the outline for what would become The Guardians: Warrior Angels. A little less than a year later, when I got done writing the first book, I already had ideas coming out of my ears for the second book, which is about Lukas, a character from the first book. Shortly after, The Guardians: Phantom Whispers was in full swing.

About the Author

My target audience is young adults and older, and I hope my readers enjoy the secret society of angels who exist among us on Earth. I hope it allows people to feel joy, hope, and peace toward humanity as a whole and strengthens their faith. I plan to extend the world of The Guardians to at least two more books, and my ultimate goal is for my book to be turned into a movie at some point in the future.

On top of being an author of seven books, I am also a mom, an editor, and a tutor. I now design my own book covers, and I do some intense marketing on social media for my books (mainly on Twitter).

At this time, I am currently in the process of publishing a book called Zach Dean: Realm Traveler, which is a companion novel to Rip Zulu: Revenant of Retribution (published in March of 2019). I am also nearly done writing a middle grade fantasy book (I have not divulged the title yet), which was inspired by some new characters in Zach Dean: Realm Traveler.

My current published works:

Wolfe’s Fayt: The Rescue

Wolfe’s Fayt: Into the Shroud

The Guardians: Warrior Angels

The Guardians: Into the Shroud

Johnathan the Brave

Rip Zulu: Revenant of Retribution

Reya Sol Origin Stories (Goddesses, Witchcraft and Myth, Oh My! & Reya Sol and the Lost Lotus)

Social Media

I have many different projects in the works, and you will find a lot of information regarding current and upcoming works on my social media pages listed below.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.

I look forward to connecting with all of you, and I hope you enjoy reading The Guardians: Phantom Whispers! I would be especially honored if you would also send a review through Amazon after reading it!

Thank You!

A special “thank you” goes to the Author’s Lounge for the opportunity and privilege to share my book with you all!


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