The Essence of Expanding Your Connection

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You may have recently published your book. A book you worked hard on to finish. A book that took months or years even to finish. A book that you pour all your heart in. And now that you have published it, you may have a sense of feeling accomplished. You are now going to wait for your book to be a seller. The waiting game can run in a span of days, months, or even years. And if you are unfortunate, it may not even happen. The reality of becoming a published author is not a luxury. For your book to be a hit, sitting around and waiting is not an option. You cannot just wait for a day when people would grab your book from a shelf and become an overnight success.

Plenty of new authors appear in the market yearly. So, you better expect to find numerous great books available. Hence, this lessens your chance of obtaining the success you have in mind. Readers nowadays are unexpected. You will not know what book they would love and hate at this time. Thus, as a published author, you must expand your connections. You must go beyond the author’s chair and build connections with potential readers and authors. However, what is the essence of expanding your connection? What does this entail for a published author?


As a starting author, you are likely to have a few readers. For that reason, you have to expand your connections for you to be out there and mingling with potential readers of your published work. Communication is the key to expanding your connection. Communication has a symbolic nature of sharing one’s ideas, opinions, emotions, and perceptions to another person or group of people through the means of words. Communication breaks all barriers that are stopping you from becoming a success. The world wide web has provided plenty of vital platforms for building relationships with readers. Numerous writing communities are available for you to join to get started in communicating. One prominent platform is the ReadersMagnet’s Author’s Lounge.


Activeness is crucial for all authors. This opens plenty of great opportunities for you. If you are planning to join book fairs, then surely you would want your readers to meet up with you and maybe connect. Being active allows you to network with countless people, therefore, expanding your connections. You never know who you might meet when you expand your network. You may have the opportunity to be noticed by the readers, media, bloggers, publications, and event organizers. Being active can impact your success and the success of your books. Through content sharing in writing communities, conversations in forums, and blog writings, you never know what connections you might form, there is endless potential. Your vigor can provide you access to an enormous research pool. Someone will always be bound to find you on the internet.


Expanding connections is paramount to a success in this era. Any type of expansion in connection will always take on a particular direction. Nothing in this world is final and complete. There will always be development. Everything must take on a course to somewhere in some way. Development creates growth which is essential for an author. Expanding connections entails development. Development in the author identity as well as development in reach of readers. Development is irreversible. Greater breadth of connection creates greater development.


When you expand connections, you network in all directions. You have to diversify when finding connections. You don’t stick to one direction. No one is certain that you cannot find a commonality with someone in another direction. You may find readers who share the same opinion as you. Or, you may find authors with the same outlook and perspective on a particular topic. Expand your reach. You may find readers or authors who share the same purpose and goals like you. This enables anyone to build a relationship with you. 

In conclusion, there are plenty of things that entails when you expand your connections. Expanding your connection is critical to an author’s success in the writing industry. It is the single most powerful tactic that can help accelerate and sustain author success. Joining online platforms like Author’s Lounge will enable you to stand out, rise above anyone else, and remain top of mind. 


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