THE EMPIRE,THE STATE 88 by Steve Lodge

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Firstly I'd like to thank Authors-Lounge for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself and

tell you about my first novel THE EMPIRE THE STATE 88.

Well, where do I start? My name is Steve Lodge and I was born in London in the late 60s. I

come from a typical loving working-class family and have an older sister and brother.

I had a great childhood and was probably the last generation to enjoy what felt like endless

Summer holidays full of the freedom of playing outside with my mates until street lights

came on.

I struggled at school as my imagination was in overdrive but I could not express myself on

paper. I found out late in life I had dyslexia which explains a lot, lucky it didn't affect my

ability to read.

My favourite book as a child was Charlie and the Chocolate factory and at age 9 Star Wars

came out. This led to my love of sci-fi, all the usual suspects like Star Trek, Battlestar

Galactica and of course comics Marvel, DC and the great British icon 2000AD with Judge


On leaving school I worked in the television and music industry then for the last 29 years I

have been a London black cab driver.

I have loved books and have a wide range from James Bond novels to poetry.

Now I am writing my stuff (thanks to spell check). I try to write from the heart, be that time

travel or my poems.

I hope people enjoy reading my ramblings just as much as I like writing them.

My first novel THE EMPIRE THE STATE 88 is a time travel story that I intend to grow into a

series centring around a London family. The Temple's, they are loosely based on my own

and are set in the area where I grew up in London. I'm also using a lot of real-life


I want to tell a story that even though it is science fiction and time travel related, the reader

will find it believable and that all my historical events and places are researched and

accurate so maybe someone can learn something new.

I don't want to give too much away about the story as it is full of twists and turns, and from

the reviews and feedback, I've had so far readers did not see them coming.


It was a day like any other in London 1988. As a young man called Jake makes his way to

work the nightmare begins.

A newspaper headline, a few wrong words and a realisation of a world that should not be.

Can the nightmare be put right?

Is the world on a path to destruction?

Can the best intentions work to help a planet in climate chaos?

Or can the actions of good lead to evil?

If you had the power to go back and change things, would you?

Could you, without knowing where it will lead the human race?


Is currently available on Amazon as an Ebook and paperback and if you're a Kindle

Unlimited subscriber you can read it for free.

You can find out more about me and see a few promotion clips I have made and about new

and upcoming projects at

Also, you can follow me on Twitter where I'm happy to answer and offer any help to other

new authors starting on their story journey

Again thank you to Authors-Lounge and I hope you enjoy this and my future releases.


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